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Managing Your Website Logins with Roboform

Posted by interfuse on August 11th, 2010

How many web site logins do you have and how do you manage them? I personally cannot count how many logins I have setup with other sites but this number is easily in the thousands. How is it at all possible to safely and securely manage all of these username and password combinations?

I tried recording everything in an Microsoft Excel database. This worked out for a while, and even though I might only need to retrieve 1 in 10 of my logins it still proved to be a painstaking and impossible task.

Then, in came a little application who in it?s early stages appeared to be lacking in features is now incredibly robust and nearly irreplaceable. It?s called Roboform. You may have heard of this before but if you haven?t tried it yet, it?s an absolute savior!

- Similar forms that need to be completed over and over again? Consider them completed.
- Website logins that need to be stored, recorded, protected and retrieved at a later date? No Problem.
- Portability from work to home and vice-versa? You?re getting the picture.

The list goes on but this hits the primary points we are looking for. You can store this little app on a thumb-drive, plug it into whatever computer you want to use and your off and rolling. It loads itself up and protects your data with a master password. When you?re done, just unplug the drive and the application closes itself out.

Genius! We recommend this to anyone who wants to spend less time on their computers and at the same time, get more work done. Download a free trial, you?ll thank us for it.
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