What Will Google Me Do for You?

Posted by Branin on August 11th, 2010

The Internet hype for Google's product in development "Google Me" has steadily grown ever since rumors were said to be started on Twitter not long ago. Today's questions are basically, what will 'Google Me' be? Will it be similar to Facebook, and if so, how? Is this a new step for social networking, or will it be a flop like certain recent attempts at websites of a similar nature by Google? Here are my thoughts on the situation.

In this article I will look back at past examples involving Google, and discuss what the future could possibly hold for 'Google Me'.

You may have heard the term, the past holds the key to the future, or some variation. Looking back at Google's previous attempts at creating social media like applications, you will see that they have been unsuccessful at many attempts. For example, Jaiku, a twitter like application that was purchased by Google in 2007, but for the most part has been recently neglected. I must include however, this service was an open source project which suggests that it was for learning or testing purposes perhaps. You may also consider the recent addition of Google Buzz, which still has yet to catch on in whole, due to the lack of need for services in that area from what I can see.

Another project you can look back at is Orkut, which was a Friendster type service. This product idea came about in 2003 when Google attempted to purchase Friendster, when this offer was declined Google then in turn built Orkut, this service being prominent in the US for only the first year, soon became popular in Brazil and India.

What I'm getting at is, in order for Google to really achieve in this area, then I feel something major has to be done that will give us a real, genuine reason for using whatever it is they have to offer. Something just like the reason they are leading in search and advertising, a service that can't be beat. I think Google would definitely seek to implement various features of their entire web search process into 'Google Me' in which any content on the web can be linked to your profile, similar to Facebook's "like" feature or something similar to that nature. I will give it to Google when it comes to pulling the ace from their sleeve and pleasantly surprising us all, which really has to make you think if you truly are interested in predicting what this service will be all about.

Are Google's past "failures" simply mistakes on their part? Of course that's a possibility, but what if they have just been studying? In other words what if Google has had their intentions on creating a Social Networking website since the early 2000's when they started purchasing websites like Orkut?

Learning from trial and error with the wide expansion of services and applications they have surely could be the case here! You must admit if you have ever attempted to keep up with Google matters, you will know it can be difficult to predict their often mysterious actions. In my own opinion I believe Google will defiantly seek to surprise us this time, and truly do believe they will be successful, I also don't believe Google's ego can handle another failure!

What are your opinions on the situation? Do you think Google will fail or succeed? Feel free to leave your comment below!

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