The Furry Art

Posted by kim love on December 10th, 2020

Now, with any type of community – a group of people who are a fan of or are appeased by something unique in society – there will be many forms of expressing their interest. Furry art is no exception. 


Those within the furry fandom has chosen numerous art forms to express their love for all things furry. 



What is Furry Art


Now that there is an establishment that there is something such as furry art, we can now consider what it actually is. 


In this examination, the term anthro art should be explained. 


Anthro art is the depiction of characters in the form of bipedal, hence the use of the term anthropomorphic when classifying furry art. 


So, these are animals who are shown to have human-like characteristics such as walking on their hind legs and wearing clothing. 


Even though they are portrayed as having fur, tail, and so on, they are still able to walk and talk and perform other human-like activities. 


The emotions that are exhibited in this art form is more than just having animals having expressions of humans.


It is a very unique art form that requires precision when made distinct from other types of art. 



Furry Art All Around Us


Have a fair idea of what it is now? There are many times we may have encountered furry art and not be aware that it is actually classified in such away. 


One such example is with the numerous animations that we watched as children. Consider older cartoons such as ThunderCats. 


Even though having cat-like traits, they walked, talked, expressed emotions, and fought in a manner as humans would. 


More recent cartoons such as Zootopia show these characters with jobs (rabbit Judy Hopps being a police officer) and operating just as how humans would. 


This art also utilized the characteristics of the animal chosen as character traits. 


For example, the fox, Nick, in Zootopia is seen as conniving and sly as a normal fox is considered to be.


Many have attributed to the rise of furry art in the comic book industry from the 1960s. 


Fritz the Cat comics is one such example. The comic was then turned into animation and enjoyed by many. 


Even then, there was a sexual undertone to furry art as Fritz would be involved in sexual escapades, even though not shown explicitly. 


It works like these that influence many furry artists today.




Porn – A Popular Furry Art


For a site such as this, the porn videos that are produced of furry porn is quite exciting. 


They display quality animation work that leaves no details to the imagination. The artistic details show every nooks and crevice of the sexual encounter – genitalia, bodily fluids, facial expression, etc. 


This anthropomorphic depiction of sex can be quite arousing.


Yet, there is more to furry art than just seeing two furries please each other. 


Furry art can be found everywhere on the internet. Just do a quick search for the drawings and animations available for your viewing pleasure. 


For videos, just check out the ones on this site.


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