Reasons why your medical career is going down

Posted by Mords1944 on December 10th, 2020

Once you become a doctor, it marks a turning point where most doctors begin to slide backwards. There is a reason!
Your burning passion and robust determination for your medical career goals are not enough to overcome the obstacles to your planned and expected maximum success in medical practice. It is a reality that you should not have and that you do not deserve.

There are reasons why and what you can do about it. It is one of the most disturbing, yet understandable, factors leading to career failure. The significance of failure as used here is the overall inability of over 95% of physicians to reach their maximum potential as a physician.

It also includes your inability to establish and maintain a medical practice that will ever reach the profitability potential it has the capacity to promote. In clearer terms, unless you are prepared to do what needs to be done to reach the highest levels of performance, you will fail miserably.

Inability refers to the absence of education and training required to rise above the others. As a result, you are effectively programmed to fail by the institution that qualified you to be a physician.

Consider a few factors that lead you to this unholy position:
You have not been given the important tools to run your medical practice efficiently and profitably. That means you have no business education or training.

A challenge to your intellect and common sense:
Is it possible in our current economic environment to create a successful, constantly growing medical business when the medical owner has no real knowledge of how to do it effectively without expert help?

A "no" answer indicates that you are quite comfortable with extracting from your medical career just enough abundance and satisfaction to cope with it. In other words, you are a hostage to your circumstances.

A "yes" answer indicates that you have not yet matured in the business far enough to recognize that all your purity in medical knowledge is never enough to create a maximally productive medical practice that is just enough to make you a some time.

You have "educational burnout" without even recognizing it. The proof of this is obvious when you consider these issues:

Why is it necessary to require physicians to complete CME hours in order to maintain a medical license?
Why is it mandatory to recertify for special information?
Why is it that once you have started medical practice, there is no urgent or self-implied obligation to voluntarily maintain and continuously update your medical knowledge?
Why is the need for a vocational education such an unnecessary and offensive necessity that most doctors completely ignore? Yes, you promised yourself that no more midnight oil would burn again.
What possible reason would medical education experts have to neglect the need to provide a business as well as medical education to medical students? Could it be that they knew about the pedagogical burnout phenomenon and did not want it to happen during your medical education? But was it OK if it came afterwords?

Your passion for practicing medicine is gradually becoming overwhelmed by your mind. This is because once you become aware that your medical tourism career is not capable of giving you the higher goals you had in mind in the beginning and in reality only turned out to be a pipedream.

For those doctors who already have wealth and adequate funding, there seems to be no real concern about this kind of issue. But for most doctors, this is not the case. My concern is about the latter.

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