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Posted by Sovo on December 10th, 2020

Advertisements have occupied a good proportion of online space these days. Companies use it for attracting customers, spreading word about their brand or product. But this doesn’t make these advertisements any less annoying. Blocking them is the only option left, right? And that’s why we have Ad Blockers. What are Ad blockers and which is/are the best Ad blocker(s) out there for removing ads and pop ups? We will see all of this in the article.

An Ad blocker is a software designed with the purpose of blocking internet ads and pop ups. They can restore the user experience of your favorite websites which was previously hampered by the frequent popping advertisements. Ad blockers are in high demand these days and come with features like whitelisting, Acceptable ads, content filtering and more.

Sovo Ad Blocker


So here is a list of some of the Ad blockers considered the best these days. 

  1. Sovo Ad blocker: Sovo Ad blocker is here to give you an amazing user experience so that you can see the actual valuable content. It can block irritating pop-up advertisements, tracking scripts and more. It works with ad blocker for browser like Chrome, Opera, FireFox, Windows edge, etc. while using Sovo Ad blocker, you can enjoy benefits like privacy for your system, increased system speed, safe browsing and elimination of annoying pop-ups from social media like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and many more. 

  2. Adblock:  A very effective Ad blocker nowadays, designed with the purpose of blocking ads from your apps. This tool can block almost every annoying ads and pop-ups, including the ads on auto play videos, YouTube, etc. It has some good features like whitelisting, spyware filter and works well with Windows, Chrome and even Android. 

  3. Opera browser: An excellent choice if you are looking for something like an all-inclusive ad blocking experience. Opera is one of the first web browsers that comes along with an inbuilt Ad blocker and not just this. It is known to be the fastest and most well-built browsers around. It can easily block almost any type of ads and pop-ups and has amazing features like easy whitelisting and more. Opera runs well with Chrome. 

  4. Poper blocker: If someone is looking for a well working ad blocker, then Poper blocker should be on their list. It works really well with browsers like Firefox and Chrome and known for its effectiveness in everything it does. This ad blocker is not limited to blocking pop-up advertisements, but it also blocks website overlays which are very common. It has great features like overlay blocking and more which are free to use. 

  5. Ghostery: If you want a faster, cleaner and safer we browsing experience, then ghostery is a good option. It comes with smart blocking technology which blocks the ever annoying pop-ups and trackers too. You can customize the list of ads and pop-ups you want to block, thanks to its user friendly interface. It comes with features like customized ad blocking, tracker analysis and more as well as works well with browsers like Opera, Edge, Chrome and more. 

  6. Ad blocker ultimate: If you want to have an uninterrupted focus on your content, then Ad blocker ultimate does the work by blocking all such ads. It works very well ad blocker for google chrome, Opera, Windows Edge, Safari and Firefox. Ad blocker ultimate comes with features like extension for ad blocking, privacy protection, windows application that works even outside the browser and more.

  7. Ad guard: Malware is always one of our greatest concerns when it comes to online security. Protecting sensitive information has become really important, since there has been an increase in online attacks. Ad guard protects your system from malware as well as gets rid of online trackers. It offers you a great and safe browsing experience as well as ad blocking by offering many products. It works well with Windows, Android, iOS and Mac. Ad blocking, parental control, secure browsing, etc. are some of its great features. 

  8. Adblock Plus: Another amazing ad blocker used for protecting your system from malware attacks is Adblock plus. It blocks unwanted ads and pop-ups by giving you the option of creating filters according to your need and requirement. Not just this, but it also prohibits tracking as well as blocks any website that is likely to spread malware. It works on the instructions given by the user. It easily works with browsers like Chrome, Internet explorer, Chrome, Opera, Safari and more. 

  9. Super ad blocker: All the latest forms of advertising are blocked by Super Ad blocker. Your system is protected from flash ads, pop-ups, malware and other web annoyance. It is also known for removing cookies and protects you from marketers who are trying spy on you from your browser activities and comes with an auto update feature. 

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