Display Shelf: Take a Close Look at the Types Before You Go With One

Posted by AllmaJess on May 2nd, 2014

Everyone has some prized possessions in life that they like to display to others. These memorabilia are placed proudly on the display shelf of the house. The owner proudly answers questions coming from guests relating to the things that are kept in the acrylic display shelf. The onus is always on the guest to enquire about the items kept in the display shelf. The host cannot be accused of bragging about his achievements when he draws them out of the closet.

The prizes that you are willing to put on display for your guests appear all the more appealing if they are displayed in a well-designed shelf. The shelf can appear a lot better if the lighting of the shelf is defined well. Glass is one of the best choices in defining the pure aesthetics of the shelf. But, as a matter of fact, glass often turns out to be too costly for most people. On top of that, it also depends on whether the shelf is being used as for mere display of articles or for day to day utilities.

A bookcase is often used to serve the dual purpose of holding books and acting as a display shelf. A book case is something that is almost a compulsory item in many homes. Especially in homes where there is a strong culture of books, a book shelf is considered to be of great use. With the help of the expert in shelving, even minor bookshelves can be turned into shelves for display.

Talking of greatly utilitarian book-shelves, one that instantly strikes the mind is the curio. The curio has the look of the giant clocks from father time. There are obviously several shelves, one atop the other. Three sides of the curio are covered with glass. The paneling on the rear side of the curio can either be done with glass or wood, depending upon the preference of the user. The makes for a good round-the-room view for the things inside the acrylic display shelf.

Then there are also shelves that are staggered in form. These shelves can also solve the purpose of the host if they are placed at the right spot in the house. The framing of the shelf is generally done with wood. In some cases however, the framing can also be done with metal. Nevertheless, the framing of the shelf can be done using glass or acrylic as well.

The staggered-form shelves are more often than not shaped in the form of a pyramid. The pattern that most host follow involves placing the inexpensive items at the bottom. Moving upwards in the shelf, the items that are more expensive or dear to the heart are found. Only the most prized possessions are kept on the top shelf of the host.    

The wall shelves have also tasted decent popularity in recent times. These make the perfect foil for people who simply want their guests to have a glance at the memorabilia while sitting on the couch of the drawing room. The wall display shelf can also be instrumental in saving some important ground space for the host.   

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