I'm an NFL fan but not a cheap Madden 21 coins

Posted by limmzhou on December 11th, 2020

Anyone got that cutscene with the Mut 21 coins really bad voice acting?NFL doesn't care they signed a huge deal and won't break it.User scores are nearly meaningless due to brigading, nevertheless the match.The sport does suck but the only thing consumers can do is just quit buying it.This is a microcosm of what is wrong with the annual sports franchises.

Covid likely made this specific game even worse. Sending people dwelling can really throw off any project its program, so I envision even more corners had to be cut to meet the release.5- It's the first Madden game using its last stretch developed by men and women working at home.6- EA probably can't miss a deadline due to the offer.It doesn't excuse everything but come on, the video is absurd.7- The bulk of the development team moved on toCould somebody who performs Madden tell me what is really wrong with the game?

I'm an NFL fan but not a cheap Madden 21 coins player, therefore I know nothing about this game other than that Lamar's about the cover.Aside from the many visual glitches (it's possible to observe multiple glitches from the video between 2:00 and 4:00), you have glitches in which the QB won't go under centre, resulting in a fumbled snap. You've got invisible players on one team (all 11 players will not show up).Plenty of bugs inside this clearly unfinished game, and that is just the actual bugs.

The gameplay is no different from another year, franchise style was almost completely ignored, QB's can still throw across their own body with perfect precision 50 yards downfield. The CPU is completely broken in the way that it approaches the match (it runs exactly the very same plays over and over again and it is not even a challenge to play it). It's just a garbage fest. 

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