Popular Jewelry Trends of Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees

Posted by Andrew Wilson on December 11th, 2020

We all know that gold jewelry is in constant demand due to its value as a status symbol. Whether it is a watch or a mens chain bracelet, gold is everyone’s first choice. Recently, rose gold has also become a popular look, especially when it comes to women’s fashion choices. However, there are some people who do not like the look of gold and prefer silver instead. Silver jewelry has a charm of its own. Gold may be a classic option but silver is more fashionable and hip. Whether it is corporate gift ideas for employees or an anniversary gift, silver jewelry is a desirable choice. Therefore, let us check out some popular silver jewelry trends that people love. 

Bracelets and Bands

Mens chain bracelet designs are made in both gold and silver. There are many people who find gold bracelets garish or gaudy. These people prefer to go with a silver alternative. Similarly, with bands too, many people like the elegance of a silver band. According to many young adults, silver jewelry is more versatile as compared to gold jewelry. They can wear silver with almost all their outfits. Thus, when it comes to bracelets and bands, younger people prefer silver rather than gold.

Nose Rings and Earrings         

Nose rings are wildly popular amongst females and a section of males. People with nose piercings mostly wear silver nose rings. There are many simple and delicate designs for people to choose from. When it comes to earrings, silver jewelry is the bestseller. Silver jewelry has a different charm and appeal for young people. Bohemian jewelry is most often made of silver. Chunky silver earrings are popular fashion accessories at carnivals and music festivals. Thus, silver earrings remain an all-time favorite.


Cufflinks are a great gift option for men, especially if they wear suits regularly. If you think of corporate gift ideas for employees in upper-level management, a set of silver cufflinks is a sensible choice. One can even get a monogrammed set of silver cufflinks. For the female counterparts, a delicate silver brooch is a good gifting option. Cufflinks and brooches are also great options for anniversary presents.


Silver pendants and lockets need no introduction. There are many people who wear lockets like wedding rings and never remove them. Silver pendants like heart-shaped pendants and cross pendants are the most popular designs. Moreover, people also wear silver cremation jewelry pendants. These pendants have a storage area inside them for the ashes of the deceased. There are also lockets in which people can put pictures of their loved ones. Nowadays, people also get customized silver pendants with their names. Other than that, they also get pendants in the design of sound waves and other unique designs.

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