Function and compatibility of automatic sliding door opener

Posted by sere on December 11th, 2020

As manufacturers continue to improve the sliding door opener, many different types of sliding door opener have gradually appeared in our eyes. The following editor will talk about the functions and compatibility of the sliding door opener.

1. Function

With the improvement of residential intelligence and safety requirements, when choosing a sliding door opener, you must consider expanding the function. For example, whether the sliding door is convenient to use inductive access control and card reader to control, to restrict the entry of people without a card; whether the remote control device of the door opener can be easily compatible with other remote control equipment to realize multi-door joint control, etc. Some automatic door operators have this kind of function, which is easy to install, but some door operators do not have this function, and they must be equipped with many additional devices to install, thus leading to unnecessary expenses.

2. Compatibility

Judging from the materials used in many places in China, cast iron, forged steel, aluminum alloy, plastic steel, wood, etc. are commonly used. The opener material and material specifications of the courtyard sliding door determine the rigidity of the door body, and this is also one of the factors that affect the choice of the courtyard door opener. If the rigidity of the courtyard door body is weak, it is not suitable to choose the push rod type, the crank type, and the pull rod type side opener. In addition, it also depends on whether the installation conditions are appropriate and whether the installation is easy.

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