Important Designations in six sigma certification and training

Posted by AllmaJess on May 3rd, 2014

Do you want to have six sigma certification and training? Before you join any programme, it is important to learn about the different designations in this time-tested business methodology. The following information guides you about the different designations six sigma online certificate programs and what you can expect to achieve from them.

The first designation is that of Champions. This six sigma certification and training refers to professionals who will be leading 6 sigma by backing projects. If you are a Champion, you will be receiving instructions about the basic principles of the methodology. Your goal will be to choose projects that fit well into the goals of the organization. You will be required to deploy and support the introduction of 6 sigma within the organization.

If you have completed online certificate programs in master black belts, you will be required to align with the Champion six sigma to provide support to the projects. You will be responsible for advising and instructing the green and black belts. A Master Black Belt holder has extensive knowledge about project management. You will become a master of 6 sigma methodologies and have advanced knowledge of all the statistical tools. This certification will instantly help you project yourself as the potential leaders in your organization.

As a black belt you will have undergone 4 weeks of six sigma certification and training. The training will give you widespread exposure to statistical methods. you will become a black belt only after spending 75% of your time to the completion of 4-6-month 6 Sigma Projects.

On the other hand, if you seek to become a green belt, your online certificate programs will involve 2 weeks of time spent in classes covering crucial aspects of statistical techniques required for completing six sigma projects. Besides, you will also be learning the 6 sigma road map. In Green Belt training, you will be spending almost half of your time on six sigma projects for a duration of 4 to 6 months each.

A six sigma project is defined as a problem or process that is currently working without any clear definition. The goals of the company must be displayed in the choice of the projects. Usually, black belt six sigma certification and training professionals will be handling projects that could save more than a hundred thousand dollars, while green belts choose projects with half that amount in savings. This is going to vary from one company to another based on its size.

A six sigma project must not take more than 6 months to complete. It is important that the project gets reviewed after the completion of each method. In order to improve the organization’s knowledge, it is important that all the projects are well documented after completion. All the savings from the six sigma certification and training programmes must be signed off by the accounts or finance department of the organization. These are the main aspects of the different designations in six sigma training and certification.

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