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Posted by AllmaJess on May 3rd, 2014

If you need more space to store your food, a freezerless refrigerator is a good investment which you can make. Instead of spending more money on a full sized fridge, you can make the best use of your budget and space by purchasing a refrigerator exclusively for fresh food. There are many advantages of making this step, especially if you want to save money and add more style to your kitchen.

Freezerless refrigerators can be useful in a number of places, such as homes, restaurants, stores or even offices. They are just like any other full sized fridge, except for the fact that they do not have a cooling space for frozen food. They can come in various sizes, styles and shapes. You can opt for a chest refrigerator, which can be opened from above or you can choose a regular upright refrigerator without freezer.

There are some advantages of purchasing a freezerless refrigerator instead of a regular one. First of all, it allows you to make the best use of the cooling space. There is no point in playing Tetris with the food in your fridge just because you do not have enough storage space. The freezer takes up a lot of space and it is useless when you prefer eating fresh food instead of frozen food.

A freezerless refrigerator can be the best way to supplement the food cooling space you already have, but it can also be used to add more style to your kitchen. Having a separate refrigerator from the freezer will make your kitchen more aesthetically pleasing, especially because these appliances can be disguised to match the cabinetry. 

Moreover, these refrigerators without freezers make an energy-efficient solution. Besides being more affordable than full sized fridges, freezerless refrigerators consume less kWh because they do not have to cool as much as the others. You can also cut the maintenance costs with these appliances because of their automatic de-frost systems.

If you are looking for a good freezerless fridge, the Cooler Store offers a wide selection of quality appliances at competitive prices. You can browse their online catalogue to see the specifications of each type of fridge and find the perfect one for you. Chances are that there is one that fits all of your requests, no matter how difficult it may seem to find it!

All of their products have been quality tested before being included in the online offer so that you can benefit only from the appliances that meet the highest standards. No matter whether you are looking for a freezerless fridge or for a regular full sized one, the Cooler Store has plenty of cooling solutions for you. You can also find back bar coolers, commercial freezers, ice makers, built-in under counters or parts and accessories!

If you place an order at the Cooler Store, it will be delivered to your address with no shipping fee! You can be sure that you will find a quality freezerless refrigerator at a very affordable price!

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