"Weed Dispensary" Brings Medical Marijuana to East Bay

Posted by Berkeley Patients Group on December 11th, 2020

October is the anniversary of the historic call to action by former California State Senator Barbara Boxer and her successful effort to have cannabis legalized in the California State. Since then, California voters have repeatedly passed laws to regulate and tax marijuana, allowing people in the Golden State to legally obtain and consume small amounts of cannabis. California is currently the tenth state to fully legalized medical cannabis. Berkeley Patients Group, which serves people across the globe with various medical concerns including chronic pain management, has helped to influence the development of California law through many ways, including the founding of the MMJ Patient's Resource Center.

In keeping with its mission of building a community resource for people who suffer from long-term diseases and disabilities, the Berkeley Patients Group has made an important connection: connecting those in need with top-notch healthcare providers. Through a program called "MED cannabis in California", the organization coordinates visits by qualified caregivers and patients to local dispensaries and meets with them to discuss legal issues and the benefits of legally purchasing medical cannabis. The organization has also launched a new program called "Weed Dispensary" that serves patients who live in or around Berkeley in accessing affordable access to the highly beneficial cannabis they need to help manage chronic pain.

"Weed Dispensary" is a project of the new dispensary located at 30 Prospect Street, formerly known as the Smelly pasta site, and is operated by the newly formed Patients' Healthcare Alliance. The dispensary is located in the heart of the city in front of the familiar “Cannabis" - a large mural painted in the face of a delivery truck that once stood on the south side of the University of California campus. “Cannabis" is now covered with stickers reading "Million Dollar Grow" and “Berkeley Patients Group Grocery Shop". The dispensary promises to offer safe, affordable access to marijuana for those suffering from chronic pain and other debilitating diseases through the" dispensary System", which includes a mobile banking service, caregiver training, pharmacy, and an "exchange".

Whether our customers use it for medical purposes or fun and recreation, the quality of our products matters we’re committed to quality, which is why we only partner with farmers, vendors, and brands, who share that commitment. If you see a product on our shelves that means it’s been thoughtfully curated and tested by our Berkeley Cannabis Dispensary.

Berkeley represents the bringing together of cannabis advocates who share a consistent commitment to defining values and creating one place where those values will shine. We believe in offering sustainably produced cannabis products delivered in a welcoming, inviting, and open environment that makes everyone feel comfortable from the young and experienced consumer to the senior taking their first curious steps into the world of cannabis.

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