What is Social Selling? How to Sell on Social Media?

Posted by SEO Desires on December 11th, 2020

Social Media is now part of our daily life; people are adopting social media in their normal life. People use it to interact with their friends and family and also uses for their entertainment. But most importantly social media provides is the chance to offer your products and services to a good number of audiences to generate profits. Social media has also become the best tool for finding businesses, products, and services. Nowadays, people use social platforms to search for a product or services they desire rather than on search engines, for that being a reason, it’s an amazing platform for you to do social selling.

What is Social Selling?

Social selling refers to using different kinds of social platforms to connect with people and leading them to convert to your specific product or services. This practice majorly helps in building relationships with your audience and engaging them through conversions on social media, listening to their problems which they are currently facing, and showcasing yourself as a solution for them. If you are a newbie and want to do e-commerce on social media then it is essential for you to do that because this will help you to gain the success that you are looking for somewhere else, there are many digital marketing agencies who provide amazing SMM services in Pakistan to help other small business to generate more leads and profits.

Why do you need to do social media selling?

Now you have gained knowledge about what is social selling, now let's focus on the main thing on why social selling is important for you to adapt.

It helps in Building Beneficial Relationship

The major benefit which social selling provides is that it helps you build relationships with the audience you target. Due to social media selling, you will spend a lot of time doing social monitoring

Social monitoring refers to listening to your audience's conversations related to your business or industry. People can have these conversations on your social profiles or mention your business on other pages.

These conversations are a golden opportunity for a seller to engage with your audience and provide them the help they need. Your potential customers will then see you as a source of information which they were in need, just by conversing with your individual, understanding their problems, and giving them a solution.

Building customer relationship increases the chance for them to convert to you.

People prioritize Social Media to Buy From

People look up to social media for purchasing anything because they trust social channels more than other platforms. However, many sellers do social media marketing just because of the good conversion rate social media offers.

Here are some metrics that show how social media impacted buying

  1. 90% of Pinterest users say, that it helps them and gives an idea on what to purchase
  2. 80% of people got advice about products through social media
  3. 74% of people use social media for deciding what to purchase
  4. 52% of customer purchases were influenced by Facebook

As I have mentioned the metrics above, you can clearly understand why offering your product or services on social platforms are beneficial for you.

Your competitor has already Started Selling on Social Media

Never forget that only product buyers are on social media, your competitors are already at the top of their game and maintaining their high standards to generate more conversions. So if you’re not doing social media selling, then you’re losing your game.

Start your social selling campaign to keep you on the road with your competitors, it is necessary for you to offer something unique in your social campaign to convince your customers that why you are above your competitors.

How to do Social Selling?

Now you have gained some important knowledge about social selling and its importance.  Now the question that might be going through your mind is, how to do social selling?

Here are some unique ways to start your selling on social media:

Choose the Right Social Channel

After creating social selling strategies, it is necessary for you to pick the right social platform to start selling; you definitely want to target the platform where people mostly spend their whole time in it.

You can choose from multiple platforms, including:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

All of these social channels have their own unique ways to sell, it is necessary for you to understand which platform will be the best for you to market your product. Mostly, all digital marketing agencies provide valuable SMM services in Pakistan that will help any business to easily sell their products or services on social media and gain good conversions.

Establish your Brand Identity

When you’re structuring your presence on Social media, It is vitally important for you to assure that you have established brand identity because your buyers need to understand from whom they’re buying from, can they trust you, for these reasons it is critical for you to have established brand identity.

The first thing for you to do is to update your information on your social profiles, by adding your branded profile photo and cover photo (if there is an option) to help people to recognize your company. Make sure that it looks engaging.

Normally you’ll use your brand logo for your profile photo so people can easily recognize your brand. However, updating cover photos will give you more chance for creating more appealing than your profile photo by adding some good graphics that is essentially related to your company, A good graphical photo may engage the audience in your brand and its products and might convert. You can use photos of your new products or any festival-themed photo to engage your audience. For some companies it is difficult to spare some time to create a social presence because obviously, they’ve bigger things to deal with, in that case, they approach a digital marketing agency for beneficial  Social media marketing services in Pakistan to make their business a “big brand”. If you’re facing a similar situation then it is essential for you to hire a digital marketing agency in Pakistan. 

Share Relevant Content

If you are eager to understand how to sell on social media, you can start by sharing relevant content related to your niche. Sharing valuable information about any of your products helps your prospects to be engaged in your social pages. It is necessary for you to share your content regularly to maintain the engagement of your users on your social pages.

When you share content, ensure that it is industry-related. You don’t need to share the content on the basis of a trend that is not related to your niche. Share content that is trending or popular and it is related to your business. Writing Content can be a challenging task to do especially for a business company, You can approach content writing services in Pakistan to provide you with quality and relevant content with your brand and of your expectations.

Want someone to assist you in creating your social selling a big time? SEO Desires is the top digital marketing agency in Pakistan that provides essential Social media marketing services that will make your company one of the biggest profitable organizations.

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