The introduction of the UHD industry plan brings a new round of development oppo

Posted by sere on December 11th, 2020

The UHD industry chain involves many links, including codec chip manufacturers, sensors, and display suppliers. The development of the high-definition video industry will undoubtedly promote the increase in demand for ultra-high-definition terminals, and will also have an impact on the development of ultra-high-definition large-screen ecology. In fact, as people's attention and demand for the ultra-high-definition display industry are increasing, and related national policies are successively introduced, the layout of the LED display industry in the ultra-high-definition field has already begun.

The ultra-high definition of LED electronic screens has become a very obvious trend. Since its birth, the LED display industry, which is an important part of the ultra-high-definition industry chain, has experienced early single- and dual-color to full-color, and today's fine-pitch ultra-high-definition display, even toward Mini/Micro LED development, and the entire industry has maintained innovation. Vitality, try different crafts to break the shackles of technology, led display has made a qualitative leap in display effect, high-definition, even ultra-high-definition display, is currently a very important direction for the development of led display, will become the promotion of LED display A huge driving force for the continuous advancement of technology.

The realization of high-definition led electronic screen inevitably means that the dot pitch of the led display screen is getting smaller and smaller. Reducing the dot pitch of the led display can improve its clarity and display the more delicate the picture; secondly, the contrast also affects the visual effect. One of the key factors is that, generally speaking, the higher the contrast, the clearer and more eye-catching the image, and the brighter and brighter the color. High contrast is very helpful for image clarity, detail performance, and gray level performance. Contrast has a greater impact on the dynamic video display effect. Because the light-dark transition in the dynamic image is faster, the higher the contrast, the easier it is for human eyes to distinguish such a conversion process.

Under the call of the ultra-high-definition era, as the small-pitch LED large-screen display technology matures and user needs continue to change, more and more end users choose small-pitch LED large screens, DLP projection, LCD panel splicing screen traditional application scenarios , Such as hotels, conference venues, exhibitions, monitoring centers, etc. will gradually be replaced by LED ultra-high-definition displays. In the past, the large-screen splicing market was relatively low-end. It only upgraded and transformed traditional desktop LCD monitors and applied them to the market. There were many drawbacks, such as insufficient resolution, which was difficult to reach the level of 1080p, while DLP projection The lack of color performance, the overall stability needs to be strengthened, etc., have created opportunities for the development of LED displays. In today's high-definition era, the fineness of ultra-high-definition LED displays is now very impressive. Then there are products that can only be viewed from a distance.

At present, the largest commercial market for LED small-pitch displays comes from cultural and entertainment venues such as enterprises and education, high-end retail, hotels, and theaters. The penetration rate of LED displays in these application fields is not high, and there is greater growth potential in the future to replace the traditional The LCD, DLP and projection display of LED display have become important growth points for LED display companies in the future.

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