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Posted by Amos Fred on December 12th, 2020

A company needs to adhere to set policies and rules, also known as compliance. Various companies end up in legal battles or experience loss because of not adhering to the privacy regulations that represent the sector of expertise. Some of the regulatory laws include HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), GLBA (Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act), and COPRA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act), and others. These laws guide the company and the Chief Compliance Officer in ensuring that the company and its employees comply with the business standards in various fields. It is the role of the Chief Compliance Officer to ensure the company employees receive training on the set rules and regulations for their field of expertise. In this article, we will focus on providing outsourced compliance training for employees in the health sector.

Factors to consider before hiring a compliance provider

  1. Reputation

The company’s reputation is crucial. As the Chief Compliance Officer, you need to research the company’s background and learn about their ethical values.  Find out how many health facilities are on their resume and reach out to the compliance officers for reviews. Working with a compliance provider who is willing to find loopholes and bend the law can cost you money and ruin your reputation in the long run. You can also find out from fellow compliance officers which providers are reliable to work with.

  1. Industry expertise

It is beneficial to know the length of time and experience the provider has in the market. Training adults can be challenging; an experienced provider will have the tools and patience to address each employee’s question and help them understand the training. Your compliance provider should have experience in various healthcare compliance softwareand adult training techniques.

  1. Technology

Your compliance provider needs to be in touch with technological advancements.  Make sure that the health compliance softwarethey use to train your employees is per HIPAA guidelines and up to date. They also need to have experience using the software to fix any technicalities while online training is underway. Before you can officially start the training, you can ask them to organize a private demonstration of the process for you.

  1. Style of training

These compliance training sessions can be boring for the employees. To ensure the employees take in the information, you must find a provider who has a refreshing training method. When you incorporate some fun games and interactive questions based on real-life scenarios, the session can be livelier, and the employees understand the policies better.

  1. Customer service

A reliable provider has the best interests of the company and clients at heart. Find a provider that will commit to seeing your employees flourish. A good provider will follow up and seek feedback from the organization to see if the training worked. They also give you guidance in case of compliance breach issues.

Compliance in the health sector is about following HIPAA regulations and maintaining an appropriate customer service standard. When you outsource the services of an online compliance provider, it can save you money and introduce your employees to new HIPAA certified compliance software streamline workflow.

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