Best Rated Laser Level Models under 0: Bosch GLL 30 and Bosch GLL 55

Posted by lilcell on December 12th, 2020

Laser levels are perfect for many DIY home projects such as installing cabinets, chair rails, studs, cutouts, and the list goes on. Professionals can also use these devices for leveling, surveying, and many other projects. Find here the best laser level under 0 to complete your jobs effectively and efficiently. 

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Why Do Professional Buyers Trust Us?

Professional buyers trust us because our teams of experts research many products, read thousands of feedbacks from existing customers, and finally pick the best tools. Our selected advanced models can automatically level themselves to provide the most accurate level and square layout patterns.

Bosch GLL 30: Most Accurate Cross-Line Laser Level


This self-leveling cross-line laser projects two bright crossing level lines, which are precisely leveled, straight, and lined up horizontally and vertically. Due to a Smart Pendulum System, it can automatically set itself as well as indicates out-of-level settings. This system also features a pendulum lock to ensure safe portability when switched off. 

Why Professionals Love This Model:

Professionals love this model because they can carry this portable and compact leveling tool with ease while changing locations. They also like the visibility range of laser lines, which is up to 30 feet with 5/16 inch accuracy. It comes with an MM 2 flexible mounting device so they can attach it to various objects and surfaces on the worksite. 

Key Features: 

  • Device projects two bright and straight crossing level lines. 
  • A built-in pendulum system ensures perfect self-leveling. 
  • The unit features a Class II Laser with 1mW output. 
  • Pocket laser level has a user-friendly interface. 
  • Visibility range is up to 30 feet with 5/16 inch accuracy. 

It is a good laser level for entry-level or small remodeling jobs. 

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Bosch GLL 55: Most Precise Cross-Line Laser Level 


The Bosch GLL 55 is one of the best laser level tools available on the market. This professional self-leveling model has Horizontal, Vertical, and Cross-Line modes for projecting two lines together or independently. Hence, a buyer can use it for a broad array of leveling and alignment tasks. 

Why We Liked It: 

This automatic laser level includes VisiMax technology to provide outstanding line visibility in various worksite conditions. This technology protects the laser diodes from overheating by monitoring the temperature. Therefore, you can expect the maximum laser line brightness driven by its diodes. 

Other Leading Specifications: 

Like GLL 30, this laser level also includes a Smart Pendulum System to ensure a precise layout by indicating level condition. For secure transportation, this system locks the pendulum when switched off. It comes with a magnetic mounting bracket, hand-carry case, laser target plate, and three AA batteries. 

How Is It Reliable and Durable?

The visibility of the laser is up to 50 feet with an accuracy rate of 1/8 inch. You can use this tool for many straightforward tasks, including the installation of shelves, hanging objects, the layout of tile work, etc. It features a freestanding and magnetic L mount for attaching to steel. Due to the IP54 rating, it is among the best-rated laser level models that can resist dirt and splashes of water.  

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Key Features: 

  • The product has a Class II Laser with less than 1mW output. 
  • The VisiMax technology ensures clear visibility up to 50 feet. 
  • Various modes project two lines together or independently. 
  • The accuracy rate is 1/8 inch at 30 feet range. 
  • The Smart Pendulum system automatically levels the device. 

After reading these brief reviews of Bosch’s cross line laser models, you are at the stage to buy one according to your job requirements. Both of these are the most reliable and inexpensive models on the market that can serve you for many years.

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