Top Six Invisalign Myths

Posted by Lucy petterson on December 12th, 2020

Invisalign is a transparent brace that helps in achieving the perfect smile. Invisalign is an ideal alternative to metal braces. Invisalign is made of clear, flexible plastic, so people prefer to wear Invisalign instead of metallic braces.

A perfect smile is the main point of confidence, and most people try many treatments to get a perfectly healthy smile. In the market nowadays, Invisalign is very popular among people, but there are some Myths because people are avoiding wearing Invisalign.

We are covering some major myths regarding the invasion that need to be stopped immediately.

Myth 1 – you cannot treat complex cases with Invisalign

Invisalign had 20 years of experience. In these 20 years, many difficult cases were handled with perfection. Due to the vast experience of Invisalign, doctors keep updating the alignment treatment. Invisalign in Crystal Palace handles complex cases with perfection, such as missing teeth, surgery, poor bite, and tooth congestion correction.

Myth 2 – Invisalign treatment is shorter than braces

Most of the time, Invisalign and metal braces work at the same speed; it depends on your teeth' position. In some cases, Invisalign works faster than metal braces or gives faster results than Invisalign. Invisalign treatment in South East Londontreats your teeth depending on your condition; it results in a dentist's plan.

Myth 3 – Invisalign treatment means you do not have to have teeth taken out

Sometimes, if a person has unwanted teeth, it has to be removed if you want a balanced smile. Invasion treatment in South East Londonalways suggests the best during this situation. If you plan to use metal braces or Invisalign, you will still have to remove your unwanted teeth, even if it is necessary. In this case, metal braces work better than Invisalign.

Myth 4 – you cannot use Invisalign for children

Invisalign is perfect for children as well as adults because they protect you from awkwardness. Most people are not aware of the Invisalign treatment, and they avoid taking any braces for their children, so the obvious use of braces is slightly higher in teenagers than in children. Some dentists who offer Invisalign treatment in South East London create perfect clear braces for your children.

Myth 5 – any doctor can do Invisalign well

Metal braces and Invisalign are both different treatments. Making clear aligners for teeth is very different from making metal braces. The dentist made a clear aligner that is specifically designed with the 3D model of your teeth. Some doctors are very well known in Invisalign treatment in South East London because they have experience handling difficult to moderate Invisalign cases.

Myth 6 – Invisalign treatment and plan all done by Invisalign company

The doctor needs to do the right homework carefully to make a clear alignment. From taking an x-ray of the teeth to making a 3D mold of the teeth than making the right piece of aligner for every section, the job is done entirely by the doctor. If there is the slightest mistake to create a clear alignment, it will damage your teeth and destroy your smile.


Here we come to an end, and we discussed some major myths about Invisalign. Before deciding for Invisalign treatment in South East London, make sure you avoid all the myth related clear braces and get yourself a picture-perfect smile.

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