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Posted by AllmaJess on May 4th, 2014

For those who require special vehicles, handicap vans therefore have been introduced in the market. Comes in different styles, each unit is designed with lavish interiors, high-tech controls, automated lifts and high-tech controls along with mobility enhancements, thereby making travelling convenient. People who require renting a vehicle that comes with hand control or else wheelchair access should decide the kind of better life mobility unit they need much before calling up a handicap van rental company. Read on the below mentioned domains to understand how to rent the right vehicle for yourself:

Decide the type of vehicle required for the handicapped person: Not every vehicle is designed with all sorts of facilities. For instance, a few vehicles come with hand controls, whereas the other with wheelchair access. Also, it is very important to find whether the person will need a surrogate driver or not. Well, if you need something without swivel seat and wheel chair access, but a driver, then the company may suggest you a regular car. Determine whether you require wheelchair access. The individuals with wheelchairs might require a transfer board as well as easy access bus. The handicap vans and the mini-buses are usually the only vehicles that come with such accessories.

However, if the handicapped individual is well trained in driving with full hand control, you can ask for a vehicle that is equipped with a panoramic mirror used for easier views and spinner knob, which will enable the driver to have good control over the wheels. Plus, find whether the handicapped driver or the passenger require a swivel seat or not. If it is then look for a van that comes with removable swivel.

Seek a reputed company: Visit various van rental companies’ website to find whether the agency is reputed or not. Check the services they offer and the experience. A good and responsible company would ensure that their potential clients know everything about them. Thus, they are expected to put up details about their better life mobility units, so that you find it easy to select the one. Check the previous customers’ reviews to identify their standard of services.

Inform the customer service agent about the equipment you need: Once you have chosen the vehicle as well as the company, now inform it to customer service agent. Don’t forget to mention about the person’s disability as they can always suggest you some better options.

Ask them what proof disability is needed: The majority of the agencies would ask you to bring driver’s license for age proof and to determine whether the driver at all has the ability to drive. However, a disabled individual with over 25 years of age is eligible to rent one of the handicap vans with a surrogate driver even if he or she doesn’t have a valid license.

Some more tips:

Understand whether the company would provide you anything and everything you need for your handicap van.

You should have enough freedom to make call to the customer service agent for your queries.

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