Electricity vs. GAS HEATERS

Posted by AllmaJess on May 4th, 2014

Do you plan to purchase a heating system for your house, but you are not sure what type of heater is better for your needs? There is no doubt that both gas and electric heaters have their own advantages and disadvantages and only you can decide which is more suitable for you. The Heater Store will only make sure that you receive the best quality available!

When it comes to choosing the perfect heating system for your house, you must take in consideration the advantages and disadvantages of two main options: electric heaters and GAS HEATERS. While the comparison may not look too easy, especially if you have not decided yet upon your necessities, the outcome is always satisfying once you make the right choice. That is so much the more important when you think about the fact that the heating system is an investment that will last for a very long time.

Electric heaters are definitely cheaper and easier to install. They do not need a chimney, like gas furnaces do. When it comes to electric heaters, there are two main types: radiation heaters, which are using infrared radiations, and convection radiators, which use the principle of convection to heat the air. Portable electric heaters do not even need to be installed, while wall-mounted ones do need, but the installation process is really easy. Nevertheless, an electric heater will imply higher costs in order to function.

On the other side, GAS HEATERS are cheaper to operate. They heat the air to a higher temperature than other furnaces, use less energy to do so and costs less money because of that. It may be the main reason why they are also the most popular option when it comes to heaters. They are also safer nowadays, thanks to the latest improvements in technology. On top of that, natural gas produces less emissions and that makes it more environmental friendly than other fuels. The only disadvantage of a gas heater is the fact that it requires a chimney in order to be installed.

Keep in mind that quality is always of prime importance and therefore you should only make the purchase from a reliable provider. Luckily, you do not even have to go from one store to another in order to find what you need. The Heater Store is an online provider that gives you the possibility to shop for the highest-quality gas or electric heaters within the comfort of your own home. You can simply browse their online catalogue and see the detailed specifications of each product. Once you decide, you can place the order. At the Heater Store, all of your orders will be dispatched to your address with no shipping costs!

Whenever you are searching for a quality heating system, the Heater Store is the only place where you can find top quality products at very affordable prices. They provide a wide selection of electric and GAS HEATERS so that you can find the heating system that is perfect for what you need.

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