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Posted by allmajess on May 4th, 2014

When it comes to robotics, reality is still far away from what we see and read in science fiction movies and books. But, just because robots have not lived up to their promise in past decades does not mean that they will not arrive sooner or later. Indeed, the confluence of several advanced technologies is bringing the age of robotics ever nearer – smaller, cheaper, more practical and cost-effective. And to make sure you know where robotics is going, the way to do to so is to keep a close eye on the robot technology news.

The use of robotics is widely spread in the 21st century. There is not a single sector that doesn't use robotic systems in carrying out technical processes; and from the military technology news we learn that the military sector is one where robotics is the future. As shown in the latest robot technology news, robotic systems have come a long way since their invention, and are getting more and more advanced. They can perform flawless work in very limited amount of time, and they have a lot of advantages that contribute to various factors such as time, quality, safety, etc.

Many early robots were big machines, with significant brawn - strength relating to physical payload that a robot can move - and little else. Old hydraulically powered robots were relegated to tasks in the 3-D category - dull, dirty and dangerous. The technological advances since the first industry implementation have completely revised the capability, performance and strategic benefits of robots. For example, by the 1980s robots transitioned from being hydraulically powered to become electrically driven units. Accuracy and performance improved, and with the information learned from the military technology news, it is safe to assume that the military had a lot to benefit from this advancement.

There are plenty of articles in the robot technology news that talk about robot intelligence and how it developed, and, it is safe to say that, even with primitive intelligence, robots have demonstrated ability to generate good gains in factory productivity, efficiency and quality. Beyond that, some of the "smartest" robots are not in manufacturing; they are used as space explorers, remotely operated surgeons and even pets. With the rapidly increasing power of the microprocessor and artificial intelligence techniques, robots have dramatically increased their potential as flexible automation tools. The new surge of robotics is in applications demanding advanced intelligence. Robotic technology is converging with a wide variety of complementary technologies - machine vision, force sensing (touch), speech recognition and advanced mechanics. According to military technology news some of these new applications are being implemented as fast as possible so it opens new uses that were never before considered practical for robots.

All the robot technology news and military technology news out there, showed everyone that it doesn't require a great leap of faith to envision how advances in image processing, microprocessor speed and human-simulation could lead to the automation of most boring, low-intelligence, low-paying, or dangerous jobs.

Thanks to the latest robot technology news and the latest military technology news it is not hard to envision how the future of your children will look like and where is the plant heading for.

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