Tiling Dewsbury Is Well Suited To Underfloor Heating

Posted by GeorgeVelvet on May 4th, 2014

With all its advantages of being convenient, eco-friendly and free of maintenance, the concept of underfloor heating is indeed the latest fad amongst home-owners. This also explains why underfloor heating installation Dewsbury services are in great demand nowadays. If there could be a deterrent, the only form that it could assume would be that of tiling concerns but now courtesy of intervention of technology, even this can be easily overcome. Expert tiling Dewsbury services suggest that it is indeed possible to provide this type of heating without having to re-tile the entire house.

Suppose the floor of your house already enjoys the goodness of ceramic tiles and you wish to install underfloor heating, there is no need to call in a tiling Dewsbury service for the sake of removing all the tiles. Consultation with underfloor heating installation Dewsbury would reveal that an existing ceramic floor serves as an ideal bed for laying down of heating mats. Modus operandi that follows entails that after the tiles have been levelled, heating mats are spread over and then another layer of tiling is applied on top without creating too much height to call for raising the level of skirting.

For a heating system to be effective when sandwiched between two layers of ceramic tiles, its wattage should be on the higher side especially if it is meant to provide warmth to the interiors on its own. Hence amongst the choices available for underfloor heating installation Dewsbury, the model that mentions a relatively high number in terms of heat output should be duly identified and acquired. Factors like size and range of the heating mat are determined by tiling Dewsbury service after having measured the area in question wherein the mat is an inch lesser than the carpet area.

Before spreading the heating mats on ceramic tiles, professionals from tiling Dewsbury service commence the procedure by measuring the carpet area not taking into account the furniture and fixtures that are already placed within the room. Couple of other considerations include leaving a centimetre wide border along the wall of the room and cutting the mat into smaller pieces for the nooks and corners. Since underfloor heating installation Dewsbury emanates warmth through radiation it is imperative for the cables need to be installed uniformly across the room. 

Certain situations might crop up which may require the experts engaged in tiling Dewsbury to deviate a little from their standard procedure. One such area of concern is that of bathrooms and laying of heat mats in this area of the house should be alternated with a layer of waterproof membrane. Likewise floor space in the kitchen is prone to rigorous cleaning and hence underfloor heating installation Dewsbury needs to be sheathed with proper insulation. Protection from climatic vagaries like excessive sunlight, rain and snow is also a must and to this effect mats should not be extended too close to doors or windows.

If you might be refraining from underfloor heating installation Dewsbury just for the sake of tiling considerations then your fears are completely unfounded. Experts at tiling Dewsbury services provide the assurance that installation of underfloor heating system can be done on the existing tiling and is subsequently sheathed with one more layer of tiling on top.

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