The Pros and Cons of Matte Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by Mords1944 on December 14th, 2020

Matte cabinets are trending to an extent that nearly all homeowners are thinking about this option. Is it a good option? Well, you can only know that when you try it out. However, also with the mention of the pros and cons, you can get a good idea of this kitchen cabinetry style and make your decision of buying them or not.

Matte Kitchen Cabinets: The Good

Let’s start with the good about matte kitchen cabinets.

Look appealing

As a characteristic of any modern cabinetry type, the matte kitchen cabinets are appealing. They look so good in the kitchen. However, a decision cannot be made based on it appealing to the as this is a subjective consideration. Different people may view it differently, though the general outlook of this cabinetry type is great.

Conceal stains

Another reason why you may want to use the matte kitchen cabinets is that it helps in concealing stains. They are not quick to show stains as high-gloss finishes. Therefore, they are very popular amongst homeowners who do not want to clean their cabinets often.

Smooth touch

The matte kitchen cabinets are smooth and have a fine touch with a natural appearance. However, you need to know that the finish doesn’t reflect much light in as much as it is soft.

Creates texture

Of course, there are many other cost-related benefits but the above-mentioned are the top reasons for installing matte kitchen cabinets.

Matte Kitchen Cabinets: The Bad

Here are some of the drawbacks of matte kitchen cabinets:

Conceal but does not prevent

Matte kitchen cabinets can conceal stains but do not prevent them. What they do is to make the stains less prominent. This might make it hard to clean since the stain is gathered for a long time without being able to detect.

Illusion of space

If you have a small kitchen floor space, then this is not your ideal cabinetry option. Its dark style makes it absorb all the light instead of reflecting it, which makes your kitchen space look even smaller. Not unless you add more lighting into the kitchen, the matte kitchen cabinets work best for larger kitchen floors.

The bottom line

The matte kitchen cabinets are great but you need to know if they are good with your kitchen plan and space.

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