Keep these 12 guidelines in mind as you apply for IP1 License

Posted by Vicky Kumar on December 14th, 2020

As India is moving towards a more tech-oriented economy, several special businesses have arrived to support the tech industry. These “Special” businesses are infrastructure providers that cater to the technological sector of India by providing them passive (and active) resources. When it comes purely to passive resources, Infrastructure providers give:

  1.        Right of Way
  2.        Duct Space
  3.        Cell Towers
  4.        Base Stations
  5.        Dark Fibres
  6.        and other passive telecom resources.

Thus, to  start such a business, you need acquire IP1 Registration. And to get IP1 License, you need to understand some guidelines specific to this business.

Thus, here in this article, we have attempted to explain to you the guidelines in simple terms.

The 12 guidelines of IP1 Registration

  1.        You need to be an Indian citizen: No foreigner is given the right to apply for the IP1 License.
  2.        More foreign investment means you require more authentication: If the foreign investment in your infrastructure providing company is more than 49 percent, you need to get the FIPC approval before applying for the IP1 registration.
  3.        The government will focus on both Indian and foreign investment.
  4.        Holding companies have to follow rules: If the applicant is a subsidiary company of a foreign holding corporation, the holding company has to follow the foreign investment rules.
  5.        Application filing: Always submit the application of the IP1 registration in the format that has already been prescribed to you.
  6.    Right of way: it’s up to the infrastructure provider to decide the bandwidth to provide to tech company it has contract with.
  7.    Changing the name: An infrastructure provider can change the name as per the provisions given to him in the Companies Act.
  8.    15 day accept or reject: It doesn’t take more than 15 days to know whether your application is accepted or rejected.
  9.    No agreement, no service: If you don’t enter into contract with the tech industry, you can’t provide them any services.
  10.    Be fair and be non biased: Be fair to those who you provide your infrastructure services. If you don’t you can be held liable for a lawsuit.
  11.    No discrimination: You’re not allowed to discriminate when providing infrastructure to your clients.
  12.    Remember the non-refundable fee: While filing the application, remember that there is a non-refundable fee of INR 5,000/-


Keep these guidelines in mind as you file the application for IP1 registration. And when you, remember us, for our experts can help you get the authorization to provide infrastructure.

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