How to exercise arm strength for beginners?

Posted by Allen Lee on December 14th, 2020

If you want to achieve your expected arm strength, the most important thing is persistence. For beginners, there is no need to buy a lot of health equipment at the beginning, and in fact they are not needed. Using some simple exercise equipment, such as arm bars, dumbbells may bring you different surprises.

Dumbbells. Lift dumbbells and lunge squat with both hands up, shrink waist and abdomen, and the angle between the knee joints of the legs is 90 degrees. Inhale while squatting and exhale while standing. Mainly exercise the leg and hip muscles.

Narrow push-ups. There are many ways to do push-ups to exercise different muscles. This narrow push-up is based on the "general push-up". The distance between the hands is shoulder-width or narrower than the shoulder. The other postures are the same as the "general push-up". Narrow push-ups mainly exercise the midline of the pectoralis major and the triceps of the arm. It is very helpful for arm strength exercises.

push ups. Push-ups mainly exercise the muscles of the upper limbs, waist and abdomen, especially the chest muscles. It is a very simple and effective means of strength training. Beginners can do two sets of push-up exercises, each with 15 to 20 reps; those with a certain foundation can do 3 sets, each with 20 reps; advanced people can try 4 sets of 30 to 50 push-ups. Doing push-ups is well-known, but you can’t do it blindly. It’s skillful; find a place with steps, the height of which is about knee-high, put your feet on the steps, keep your hands on the ground, and keep your waist stretched. Tight; when bending the arm, slowly move down the body, and move slowly; when the arm is straightened, move quickly, that is, move slowly down and fast up, which can increase the explosive force of the arm.

Pull ups. Doing pull-ups, this feels more interesting, because when you move up, you pull your own weight up; when doing pull-ups, do not blindly finish it in one breath, this will not achieve the effect; Reverse grip. When pulling up, the action should be slow, and the chin should be pulled over the iron rod; when loosening, the arm should also be relaxed slowly, and the arm should be in a straight state. Repeat the above action again.

Arm strength stick. Bend your arms and bend the spring hard behind your neck. With both arms forward, bend the spring upwards and then relax. Bring your arms closer to your chest, bend the spring, then straighten it, and slowly relax. Stand with your feet apart, bend your right elbow, bend the spring with your left hand, then bend your left elbow, and bend the spring with your right hand. With both arms behind you, hold the spring tightly, then straighten it down and gradually bend it.

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