Understand the Format for Hindu Wedding Card Wordings

Posted by rajaram patil on December 14th, 2020

Do you know the wedding card you choose can predict the kind of wedding you will have? As a result, your guests will dress accordingly when attending your event. Therefore, you should be familiar with the formats of Hindu invitation cards if you plan on having a traditional event.

Guide on How Drafting a Hindu Wedding Card Wording for Your Event

Feel free to choose the best Hindu wedding card wordings for your traditional wedding. Despite the design you choose, the format for drafting a Hindu invitation card remains unchanged. Here is what must be included in your card:

There should your name and that of your spouse at the top of your invitation card. This information is important because it helps guests understand the host of the event.

The invitation quote should be included in the invitation card. You can include the name of your guests before inviting them or vice-versa, depending on the approach you prefer.

The names of the parents. It is important to include the names of your parents in the Hindu wedding card. This helps some guests clearly understand who you are.

Information section- This is where you highlight the date of your event, venue and provide the program. Be specific with venue and time so that the wedding event can start on time.

The process of Preparing for a Wedding Invitation Card

You must fulfill some things in order to attain the best Hindu wedding card wordings for your event. Obviously, you should have a budget that will facilitate the entire process. You should come up with a budget you can comfortably afford. Remember, wedding card designs have different price tags.

The next process entails choosing a design within your budget. There are two main ways of attaining a design. You can either take an existing one and customize it or work with your designer to come up with a new design. This means you should have a rough idea of what you want.

Once the design is ready, foresee the process of personalizing the cards. It should contain all the elements in a typical Hindu invitation card. Afterward, choose if your cards should be printed or sent across different online platforms. The printed once require time to send to guests and await their feedback, whereas online cards attract instant response.

Authors Bio: My name is Rajaram Patil and I recently organized a traditional Hindu wedding for my sister. I was keen on the Hindu invitation cards I chose and the texts that were printed on top. It is important to choose the right cards if it is a traditional wedding. People wore traditional outfits, making the event a success.

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