Five Pieces of Art that make The Best Books for Men

Posted by alisonreid29 on May 5th, 2014

The fact that men too are avid reader no more remains a mystery. The mystery however lies in the shooting number of genres in which men books are available. The best books for men are often the ones that have been responsible in turning the male breed of the human race into voracious readers. The greed for good literary (or otherwise) pieces binds men and women alike and the ‘non-reader’ misnomer that men have carried for long is largely unfounded. 

Whatever be the verity of the rumors doing the rounds, the fact of the matter remains that it is not just women that read books. The fact that there are many authors that write good books targeting men (and make good money from those) goes on to show that the ‘man does not read, pray and lie’ statement is nothing more than a myth. There have been several men that have seen through tough phases in life merely by reading a book from a qualified (derived from quality) author.

The best books for men are not just fun and entertainment material but are also deeply philosophical and insightful. The philosophical part of the books can at times be missed out at a cursory glance. Here are a few books that are bound to add meaning to the life of a man.      

The Odyssey (Homer)     

Written by the first poet in history, “The Odyssey” is the Epic Nonpareil in the human account of poems. The long poem by the blind poet is said to hold some of the deepest secrets of life within its verses. The journey of Odysseus is a fascinating one and most of the lines in the poem describe this journey. If not anything, The Odyssey consorts to the primary cause of life – action.

The Republic (Plato)

The tour de force among philosophers of all times, Plato understood the need for a formed government ages before it actually turned into a reality. The book is one of the most distinguished written pieces ever created both in literature and philosophy. Every man can know some founding principles of the modern republican government in this book.

The Bible (Various) 

Word goes that we would lose seventy person of our literature in English if the Bible and the works of Shakespeare are kept at bay. Be it the doom spelled by the greed of man for power or a doctrine of ‘forbidden deeds’, the Bible has it all. If not anything else, read it to find out the ‘cause of things’.

The Divine Comedy (Dante)

Hailed by T.S. Eliot as the best written art by mankind, this book is a fascinating description of the journey that poet Dante sets on to find his lady  love Beatrice through the three realms of afterlife(one that every soul takes after the end of life). Guiding the poet in trough this journey is none other than Saint Virgil. This book is the vision of the world in a light completely different from the one in which we see life now.

The Complete Works for Shakespeare (Shakespeare) 

Read it from cover to cover or not, this is a piece of creation that every man must own. The list of the best books for men is largely incomplete without this piece. Shakespeare is not just the name of the greatest playwright of all times, but is also a synonym for the vision of life the great poet represented. Be it ‘Macbeth’, ‘Hamlet’, ‘Othello’ or ‘King Lear’, Shakespeare has put in the most complicated mysteries of life in heart-rending fashion. If not anything else, read Shakespeare to find the causes and effects of crisis in life. 

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