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Posted by clevelandcontainers on May 6th, 2014

Large steel and aluminium containers are widely used for cargo transport. These are huge 10- to 40-foot units that offer ample space to hold items for storage or transport. Moving vans, delivery trucks, and shipping units all use large shipping containers that are often designed for modular use. These metal containers come in many standard sizes and even custom sizes and some can be customized to meet specific shipping, cargo, transport, or storage needs.

Shipping containers are excellent for moving large quantity of goods. Of the standard sizes that shipping containers come in 20-foot containers are the most widely used for transport. They can store and hold a greater amount of items, goods, and products than 10-foot containers, and are easier to manoeuvre than bulky 40-foot containers.  These containers guarantee the safe transport of goods.

Many companies offer different size containers for sale and even for rent. The best providers will offer you plenty of choices and even custom options to satisfy all your storage, transport, and even home-building requirements. Shipping containers come in a standard box-type designs that feature modular attachments swing-out or slide-up doors, and other practical features for easy storage and organization when shipping or transporting goods. Others have inbuilt racks for organising smaller parcels and transport items, but most units are basically empty box containers, designed to take in as much goods as they can, so the space inside can be maximised. Some containers even offer temperature control, such as refrigerated containers, which are used for goods that require temperature controlled environments.

Standard containers are designed to be used with different mediums of transportation. Containers used for overseas shipping, for one are often built to suit air, road, and even water transport methods. They are built for long-distance travel and therefore use stronger and more durable metals that are processed and treated to be weather proof. These containers also offer greater protection even in the harshest of environments.

Twenty-foot containers are generally 20 feet long, 8 feet high 6 inches, and 8 feet wide. High cube units are made up to 9 feet 6 inches high, for a larger area. These containers are easier to handle than larger 40-foot units, ideal for a more comfortable loading-unloading process. These containers can also be outfitted with folding walls, such as those used for modular homes and container buildings. Cargo architecture has also reinvented container designs for more practical use in building design and construction.

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