What is the average hike assured by CAPM certification?

Posted by Ganesh Chowdary on December 14th, 2020

A lot of companies in today’s world are looking for effective managers from all over the world. There is an increasing need for project managers, who can manage projects effectively, in an organized manner, deal with the recourses in a proper way. If a candidate is trying to build a career in project management, then CAPM can be the perfect certification for him. The certification of CAPM provides the perfect platform and recognition to the individuals in the project management sector.

The CAPM is a crucial entry-level credential for the candidates in the field of project management. The individuals who achieve the following credential are title as Certified Associate in Project Management. Achieving the following certification means that a candidate has all the necessary expertise as well as experience in the field of project management. Those candidates are thorough with the methodologies of project management. The candidates who have CAPM certification are capable enough to manage small and big challenges in the project. They also have to keep in mind that they meet the requirements as well as fulfil the objectives of the project.

The primary factors of the project include scope, expenses, time, and quality, while the secondary factors are optimization of the individually allotted inputs as well as the integration f those inputs in a proper manner. This has to be done in such a way that the following meets the objectives of the project. In this article, we will discuss the reason due to which the following certification has gained a lot of popularity and the estimated hikes in the designation.

The reason due to which the following certification has gained a lot of popularity:

The CAPM or the Certified Associate in project management credential is a certification that is offered to the individuals by PMI (Project Management Institute). The main goal of the CAPM credential is to make the candidates capable enough to get sufficient knowledge in the field of project management. The following certification aims to provide candidates proper understanding of terminology, various processes that play a vital role in managing the project in an efficient way. The benefit of the CAPM credential is that it is recognized all over the world. The CAPM certification of a candidate is going to help them get the employer’s attention from renowned organizations worldwide, and they hire such professionals willingly.

Estimated hike after earning the CAPM certification:

The certification of CAPM is considered as one of the highest paying credentials all over the globe. This is another reason due to which a large number of individuals are attracted to the following. The annual income of the CAPM certified candidates is around 101,103 USD. The salaries of the candidates differ according to their designations as well as work experience. For instance, a candidate having less than one year of experience earns a profitable amount of 45,611 USD per annum. The following increases to about 77,914 USD per annum after gaining proper experience.

Jobs available in the market for CAPM certified professionals:

The entry-level jobs in the industry for the CAPM certified professionals are project coordinators and business analyst. The medium level designations for the CAPM certified professionals include project manager, associate project manager. The senior-level designations include senior project manager, deputy project manager, and director. Individuals get a lot of job opportunities in the field of project management.

What sets CAPM credential apart from others?

CAPM certification is one of the most important certifications worldwide. The following credential is considered as one of the most reputed credentials all over the world. The CAPM certification provides a lot of skills to the individuals. This expertise includes:

  • Expertise necessary for initiating a project
  • Implementing, observing, controlling, and completing a project
  • Making proper strategies for maintaining the quality at every stage of the project
  • Managing the expenses of all the projects
  • Maintaining the quality of the project
  • Making proper plans about the projects which are at times unexpected and uncertain
  • Hiring, leasing, and management of project groups

End Note:

The CAPM certification proves to be very beneficial for the candidates in a lot of ways. The CAPM certified candidates get a profitable salary. It is expected that certified professionals will get a 25% hike in their salaries in recent years.

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