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Posted by Berkeley Patients Group on December 14th, 2020

The Berkeley Patients Group serves thousands of patients with diseases like cancer, HIV/AIDS, and Parkinson's, and other terminal diseases through its "Weed Dispensaries". This corporation gave his best in knowledge about all of the plant's forms and consumption methods, as well as the many new brands and products pervading the marketplace.

The Berkeley Patients Group operates medical cannabis dispensary in San Pablo. This location is owned by Etienne, who traveled the globe fighting to make cannabis legal and safe for all. The Berkeley Patients Group is located at 2366 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley. Berkeley Patients Group provides medical cannabis.

Berkeley Patients Group gave its best for leading the fight for legalization and safe access through grassroots organizing, legal action, and writing the laws at the local, state, and federal level. Cannabis is legalized in several states of the US for its health benefits. Over the past years, research studies have come a long way identifying and declaring cannabis as a highly beneficial drug to treat several major diseases occurring in adults as well as young people. Apart from recreational use, cannabis is now available in a variety of forms that are easy to consume and ingest.

According to the Berkeley Patients Group, the dispensary would have the same licensing requirements as local pharmacies like pharmacies that sell drugs by prescription and pharmacies that sell medical marijuana. The proposed dispensary would be managed by an administrator and would not have an on-site doctor's office like the Berkeley Patients Group does.

Proponents of the dispensary plan to make this proposed regulation as comprehensive as possible. However, according to supporters, such regulation is needed to ensure that the regulated dispensary follows all of the state and county ordinances that surrounding medical marijuana. Additionally, the proposed legislation would also require the dispensary to post warning signs and to keep all types of signage posted in visible areas, such as on storefront doors and in waiting rooms. The dispensary would also be required to post a notice on its door informing customers and visitors that marijuana use by underage people is not allowed. According to the dispensary's administrator, these policies would make the selling of medical marijuana easier by reducing the number of customers who would try to use fake or illegal marijuana.

In addition to the proposed law regarding selling Weed Dispensary, the proposed law to operate a dispensary would also limit the number of employees who would be allowed on-site at any given time. The proposed ordinance states that no more than fourteen employees can work for anyone’s marijuana business at any given time. Any employee who is over fourteen years of age would need to get the consent of their parents or legal guardians, as well as anyone dependent upon them to obtain a job with the dispensary. Any employee found violating the new ordinance would be subject to criminal prosecution. Besides, the proposed law would also limit the amount of marijuana a person can cultivate onsite.


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