Some Essential Tools for SEO Web Design in UK

Posted by Saeed129 on May 6th, 2014

Having used the best SEO web design UK company to create your web portal, it only makes sense that you should find out what tools will help you analyze and improve your SEO efforts. Here are just a few tools that you can make use of for this purpose:

  • Search Engines – We start with the main machine, the search engine! You can use these as tools by carrying out a search to see how your pages are being displayed and to also check your meta descriptions and titles in the SERPs. If you cannot find your page at all it is possible that you have a duplicate content problem or that you may have been penalized for one reason or another. You may also consider using the advanced search operators to get more information on your site pages and how they are ranking.

  • Webmaster tools – The will provide you plenty of information on your website. Both Bing and Google have these tools and a good UK SEO Company should be able to use them or show you how to use them to discover what is happening with your site. You may find crawling errors, information on traffic, index status and more. The webmaster tools do not cost a thing to set up and do not take up much time either. They are a perfect tool to use.

  • Web Analytics – A good SEO Leeds company will set you up for analytics as well. As a matter of fact, this is something that every website must have. It does not matter how big or small your sit is you need to have analytics set up as it provides you with great information about how you can make changes to improve your SEO. Analytics is critical in SEO because you are able to see where the visitors coming to your site are coming from – Ads, Bing, Google, Facebook, Twitter and more. You will also be able to tell which page was visited and for how long they staying on your website. The keywords they used to get to your site are also available to you, their geographical data, the flow and social analytics as well. Both Yahoo and Google provide analytics at no cost.

  • Keyword Tool – This is a tool that allows you to see what traffic potential each keyword holds. Using this information you can then select relevant keywords and have some pages with that target keyword in them.

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