4 Important Tips for New Magicians

Posted by sere on December 15th, 2020

Recently I've been spending a lot of time around young teenagers and kids learning magic. I'm already getting them connected with good resources that teach them how to perform tricks. 

To begin with, it is important that budding magicians are familiar with some of the ethics of magic. Sometimes referred to as "the magician's code", it's a well-known rule that as a magician you should never reveal your secrets.Because by giving away the method of a trick, you're taking away the very thing that makes magic astonishing and amazing. Did you tell someone the secret behind a trick you've just performed? You're actually hurting your magic, and you've stripped it of the ability to surprise and entertain. Now that shouldn't stop you sharing secrets with someone genuinely interested in performing magic. When you have a love for the art of magic, you will want to nurture serious students of magic, and encourage and assist fellow magicians!

But this ethical guideline is common knowledge, and is geared to protect the art of magic more generally, and to ensure that your own magic amazes. Besides this basic rule, what other tips and guidelines would you give a newcomer to magic, to help them improve? Here are 4 suggestions to get new magicians started. 

1. Do realize that your presentation is as important as your moves

In fact, good presentation probably even more important than technique - important as that is! Magic isn’t about creating a sophisticated puzzle, or challenging your spectator with a mere impossibility. Learning the techniques and moves required to do a particular effect is just the first step to successfully performing it. In addition you need to be able to present it in a way that is interesting and engaging to watch. Never forget that magic is an art-form that has the goal of entertaining, and that's why good showmanship is essential.

2. Do say something when you perform

Some magicians can get away with silent acts, but for most of us, our voice is another prop that we'll want to make good use of in the course of a magic trick poker cards. What you say is just as important as what you do. So it is important to practice your patter just as much as you practice your moves and sleight of hand. Many magicians will even recommend writing down a script for everything you say, memorizing and rehearsing it. Even if you don't go quite that far, it is important to realize how big a role the words that accompany a magic trick are. Give them careful thought, so that they help disguise the method and enhance the effect. Well chosen words will greatly help your magic be more entertaining.

3. Do focus on simple and self-working tricks

One of the best ways that newcomers to magic can work on their presentation is by starting with simple tricks, such as self-working poker card magic tricks. Don't make the mistake of thinking that self-working means weak or boring! Some of the most famous card tricks in the world are self-working. Learn tricks that don't require complex manipulation. Then you can really focus on the presentation, and make them thoroughly entertaining. You can always work on building up your sleight of hand later.

4. Do practice, practice, practice

A poorly practiced routine does the art of magic a disservice. More importantly, it's not very likely to amaze or astonish, because your performance will be lacking. A professional going through his routine might look casual and natural. But you can be sure that very little about what you're seeing is being spontaneously ad-libbed on the spur of the moment. A successful and polished performer is exactly that: well polished. You need to be able to do the moves and techniques required without thinking about them. Also, you need to know exactly what you are going to say. If you haven't practiced these things, your mind will be working over-time, trying to remember what to say and do. Good magic has a high degree of interaction and engagement with your spectators. How do you do this while creating a convincing and entertaining illusion that hides the secret? Here's how: you need to have practiced a lot before performing. The more you practice, the better you'll get, and you'll only enjoy your magic all the more!

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