5 Major Types Of Container Offices

Posted by clevelandcontainers on May 7th, 2014

Shipping container architecture has taken off leaps and bounds since the very first model. Many people from homeowners to business and office managers are taking advantage of the many benefits of using used, custom made, and pre-fabricated shipping containers as structural frameworks for their buildings. Not only are cargo containers readily available and plentiful they can also be easily transported; offer modular designs, and are relatively inexpensive especially when compared to the costs of other building materials. Cargo containers may also be pre-fabricated for easier installation and completion of designs. What’s more, cargo containers are extremely durable and are highly suitable for residential, commercial, or industrial applications. When considering container architecture for your new office building, look for companies that offer great prices on used as well as pre-fabricated containers for practical construction. Here are some popular types of container offices you can consider for your own office building:

  1. Single-container unit. If you only need a small headquarters or command centre for your business, single-container units made from large shipping containers or prefabricated containers might be enough to meet your office needs, especially if you don't require an elaborate, spacious set-up. Single container units can also be made to be portable, ideal for industries where transient workspaces are needed.
  1. Portable container offices. Container offices can be designed so they can easily be transported from one location to another. They can either be built into semi-trucks or built for semi permanent settlements that can be moved around as needed.
  1. Modular container offices. Modular container offices have self-transforming designs. These offices employ advanced design technologies that allow units to transform into functional workspaces on demand. Other modular offices employ simpler designs that allow units to be stacked or assembled together to form functional spaces.
  1. Prefabricated container offices. Manufacturers also offer prefabricated containers that can easily be transported, assembled, and transformed into modular offices. Prefabricated designs makes construction a lot easier and cuts down construction time significantly, making them a more practical choice for those in need of instant workspaces.
  1. Used container offices. You can also save a great deal of your construction budget by acquiring used cargo containers and reconditioning them into office units. Used cargo and storage containers make for excellent container office components, especially when your design calls for unique elements. Used containers can easily be repurposed into brand new office units.

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This article is written by Karen Wentworth, consultant for Cleveland Containers, who specialize in offering shipping containers in UK. Cleveland Containers is one-stop shop for your entire container related needs whether buying or hiring is the right solution for your storage requirement. They also give their buyer a facility of providing a bespoke size container tailored to your specific requirements and can normally be delivered in 7 working days.

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