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Posted by picasoth on December 15th, 2020


Before hiring a real estate agent, read the answers to your most important questions. Will the property I am selling be at a competitive disadvantage compared to the property I am selling by realtors? No, and in many ways, you will have an advantage. First, today’s shoppers find their homes on the Internet in their spare time.

If they love your home, they will connect with you no matter what, and they will be happier than an agent to deal with you. It is no secret that many homes are not sold and expire before the agent sells the house. Do a search on Google so you see the number of training materials to teach your real estate agents how to convince sellers to update their listings for a year. There is no magic in what a real estate agent does.

Do Homes Sell for More When Listed With a Real Estate Agent?

The National Association of Realtors, which is funded by realtors, says so, but there is no independent data to back up their statistics. If an agent immobilier villevêque says we can get more money for your home, ask them to bring a buyer if it is not possible, they must leave him alone to sell his house. Too many lists managed by agents will expire, not be sold. The agent’s opinion will not cause your home to be sold. It’s easy for people to guess and guess, but in order to win in today’s market, you have to face the obvious facts.

How Much Time Is This Really Going to Take?

Selling your home will take as long as planning a long vacation. The marketing side takes a lot of time in advance, but once you’ve gathered your data, it shouldn’t take you more than a few hours to start your marketing plan. If you use any information, you will need to gather the same information for the agent.

If you are skeptical, take the amount you have to pay as a commission to the real estate agent and divide it by the number of hours spent planning the vacation. As a result, it should help you realize that the time you spend selling your home is well spent. The real estate agent told me that it was dangerous to sell my house because I always let strangers into my house. Should I worry?

Don't Most People Trust Real Estate Agents to Get Them the Best Deal?

Unfortunately, people don’t trust them. In a recent Gallup poll, they ranked lower than bankers in terms of ethics but higher than congressmen. To be fair, the behavior of these real estate agents was not immoral it’s your organization - NAR has worked to block your competition. As I see it and as most Americans see it, competition is for the competent person. You own the house, so you need to be able to sell it as you choose.

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