Is the yoga mat good for pu or tpe?

Posted by Allen Lee on December 15th, 2020

Today, I am here to popularize the difference between the yoga mat material pu and tpe, so that everyone will understand in the future, while shopping online, they also have a deeper understanding of this.

Yoga mat material comparison:

The so-called pu yoga mat refers to: while the natural rubber is foamed, the pu leather is heated and formed at one time, and then after post-processing, various patterns and logos of customers can be produced. In this way, the yoga mat is composed of two parts, one is natural rubber Foaming, one is pu leather, these two materials are in line with European and American environmental protection standards, so there is no need to worry about environmental protection.

The so-called tpe yoga mat refers to: tpe foam shavings, and then glue the synthetic type, and then post-processing. This kind of yoga mat is composed of two types, one is tpe and the other is glue, so that environmental protection must be considered.

Yoga mat unit price comparison:

The high unit price of pu yoga mats and many tpe yoga mats

Yoga mat performance comparison:

In addition to light weight, tpe yoga mats cannot be compared with pu yoga mats in terms of other functions.

If you want to practice yoga, safety and comfort are very important, so it is recommended to use pu yoga mats, and experts strongly recommend it! Look at the sales volume of yoga mats of top yoga brands, and consumers still like pu yoga mats

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