Selection points of TFT lcd module

Posted by sere on December 15th, 2020

Understanding the various characteristics of the TFT lcd module technology can enable users to better match the display and interface with the application. As the cost of TFT module displays is decreasing, and people are increasingly eager to have a more user-friendly graphical interface.

The first thing to remember when purchasing a TFT module display: color will increase costs. You can save a lot of money by using the monochrome graphic lcd module to design. They are inexpensive, relatively easy to connect and control, and are readily available. According to different design criteria, color passive panels may have many advantages over TFT module panels, such as outdoor brightness and overall color brightness. When deciding between a TFT module panel and a color passive panel, don’t forget the refresh rate and viewing angle. The TFT module can provide a viewing angle close to 180°, while the passive color module can only provide a viewing angle of 70° to 80° despite continuous improvement. The TFT module can display full motion video and graphics, while the passive lcd module will start to blur when the image moves faster than 8-15 frames per second. Don't leave passive color panels in the cold because of these factors. When looking for the perfect display, various options should be explored.

Small size TFT module display and color passive LCD work well in this application, but TFT module display may have better viewing angle, and the color of passive panel looks better. Usually, when choosing a monitor, both marketing needs and engineering specifications must be considered. Both aspects are equally important. The display directly affects the appearance of the product, and you will find that they are usually very subjective. The size of the TFT module display When choosing a TFT module display, the first consideration is the size, which depends on the application and lifetime requirements.

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