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Posted by SharonEvans on May 8th, 2014

Dog accessories are essential for taking care for a dog. Pet owners get perplexed and marvel how many different items and products they must buy before bringing home a dog as a pet. Basically, pet dogs want food and water, grooming or training, exercise, shelter and plenty of your attention. Let us find out some common accessories that are easily available in dog shop.

Bowls for food and water is the one of the first essential dog accessories that you must have. In dog shops you will find non-slip, non-spill, low profile pet bowl. These are completely safe and free of BPA or toxic element. The bowls are Shatter proof and you can wash them in dishwasher. These sturdy, tip-resistant bowls come in different sizes and shapes. Just check if this is appropriate for your dog’s size. For example, a small bowl will be fine for a small dog but not for a St. Bernard.

Then you would need a dog bed or mat. Though they prefer a sofa or the owner’s bed, some trainers feel dog must have a place of its own. If your dog stays outside you would need a weather-proof dog house. It should be set in an enclosed place for protection. Dog carrier or crate can be an excellent training tool for a new pet. You should use it properly and this would be a safe spot for the dog. These dog accessories are useful for taking the dog out. You may safely transport a large dog inside a vehicle, but, for smaller breeds you must have a pet carrier. Shop from online dog shops, if you need one.

Dog chew toys are great especially for young pups. It is also good for maintaining its teeth. But, while shopping from dog shop for chew toys get one that will not harm your pet. In dog accessories, dog collars are quite popular and essential. It should fit properly and should have arrangements for adjustments. For bigger and more active dogs a pet harness will be more suitable.

Dog treats are different from dog foods. Tasty, crunchy dog treats are perfect for training your pet and rewarding it. You should get dog treats that are right for them because, some human-friendly food items are absolutely dangerous for dogs. So while purchasing dog accessories from dog shop, get specific dog treats for your pet. Dog vitamins are helpful only when your doctor suggests you to get it for your dog. It is not needed for healthy dogs.

Flea and tick collars are most essential dog accessories that every pet owner must have, especially when it is to be bathed and dipped often. This may be needed during summer months. It keeps pest away from the pet and the home. Also purchase a pet first-aid box from the dog shop. The kit must have adhesive tape or  vet wrap, gauze pads, eye dropper, oral syringe, hydrogen peroxide, tongue depressors and rectal thermometer. If your doctor advises you may get an anti-mating feminine hygiene spray to hide the odour of the bitches.

Dog accessories available at online Dog shop are great place to buy things for your dog or cat.

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