Benefits of using FRP pultruded beams in construction

Posted by ei2Aevai on December 15th, 2020

The use of strong composite materials is one of the most emerging construction trends around the world. Among all these advanced materials, FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) is the best choice due to overall efficiency. Compared to traditional building materials like steel and aluminum, FRP has many additional advantages.

FRP: a competent material

Manufacturing FRP involves a continuous cross-sectional process known as Pultrusions. For this reason, FRP provides a wide range of competencies. Most importantly, architects and builders can request necessary modifications in material quality according to specific needs and requirements. Pultruded FRP beams and columns absorb the essential qualities of the material. And this is one of the main reasons why FRP beams and columns are proving unavoidable in various industrial sectors.

Benefits of using FRP pultruded beams

There are many benefits to using pultruded FRP beams frp wall panels columns in construction. These beams have wide applications in various sectors of heavy industry. It must be understood that products made with FRP absorb the characteristic features of the material itself. The unique characteristic feature of FRP has made it an important material for the manufacture of industrial beams and columns.

1. Non-corrosive characteristics

FRP is highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion. And for this reason, the columns and beams made of FRP prove that it is a durable option for construction. In addition to corrosion, industrial columns made of fiberglass are resistant to abrasive factors such as moisture and hazardous industrial chemicals.

2. High strength and durability

These industrial beams made of FRP have high strength and durability. Considering these two factors, FRP has an additional advantage over traditional materials such as steel and aluminum. Pillars made from this unique material gain enough strength to withstand heavy industrial applications.

3. Easy installation

FRP pultruded columns and beams are easy to install due to their lightweight characteristics. Customization options are available with FRP fabrication. Therefore, the desired density, weight and material structure can be selected. For this reason, the inclusion of FRP beams and columns in complex constructions is easy.

4. Profitable option

FRP beams and columns require less maintenance and, for this reason, maintenance costs are low. On the other hand, there are no installation costs either. Using these advanced structures is definitely a profitable long-term option.

To deliver effective results, several companies are working on a long-term goal of improving the FRP Pultrusion process. In the future, FRP will be the main material for construction, leaving behind steel and aluminum as substitutes.

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