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Posted by SharonEvans on May 8th, 2014

When you have a pet dog, you need many things other than dog food. Some of them are essential and some are for beautification of the pet. Therefore, you must find out a store from which you can buy your dog accessories. Thankfully, now you will not have to go anywhere as there are some very good Hong Kong Pet shops that keep everything that you may need for the pet, including pet foods. You can simply search for them and order online.

If you don’t want to complicate things you would need anti-mating feminine hygiene spray for you dogs that masks the odours of bitches during mating season. Cute and sweet pet carriers are again dog accessories that are quite essential and you must have them at your stock. Then there are toys, Christmas dresses and socks for your lovely dog that are not essential. But the things available at Hong Kong Pet shops are so attractive that you cannot restrict yourself from taking them in your cart.

Dog accessories that you would need the very first day, when you are going to bring your first puppy, would include food bowl, water bowl, a leash, a collar, dog food, a shelter and the phone number of the local veterinarian. These are the essential items without which you cannot keep the pet. On the other hand which are optional and you may decide if you want to use them. You may think of arranging a cosy place where it can sleep comfortably. Hong Kong Pet shops can provide you dog beds of different size and design at an affordable price.

Then there are dog toys and chews that you would need for a small puppy or a dog crate. Dog treats, dog brush and comb and dog shampoo are not essential but you will find them to be useful. Puppy Pee Pee pads or dog clippers or strippers are dog accessories that are not essential but, it is better to have them with you. And there are some that are absolutely unnecessary. For example, a funny looking (say, in the shape of a duckbill) muzzle. Some dogs do need muzzles, but you can get a simple one. And, it is always better to train the dog so that it behaves properly. You should be particularly careful while shopping from Hong Kong Pet shops in items like this.

Dog accessories are no doubt useful. But you should shop sensibly for them and should never buy something that is going to harm your pet. For example, it would be cruel on the owner’s part to put an escape preventing harness around its neck so that it stays within an enclosed space. Instead you should invest in a collar made of soft fabric that will not cut into its skin, a thundershirt, a god quality brush cum massager or a whistle (not the usual shrill sound making instrument) that is a tracker with GPS for monitoring its activity. You will get them in any good Hong Kong pet shop and also can order them online.

Dog accessories from Hong Kong pet shop are good in quality and great in price.

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