Minimalist wardrobe: new winds in your closet

Posted by Bcon on December 15th, 2020

It’s no secret that a great many of the richest, most influential, and most creative people choose to wear the same clothes every day, and if there’s variety in their wardrobe, it’s minimal. It is a great way to make your life easier, to take away the burden of unnecessary decisions, to reduce the chaos in everyday life, not to mention that a certain outfit or a detail of it can become a hallmark of a person.

In this article we will talk about rubies. The higher the quality of the clothes and the better we will take care of them - the longer we will be happy. For example, it is better to choose linen shorts than synthetics.

Recently, the ideology of minimalism in the cloakroom (and in life) has begun to interest more and more people seeking to simplify their lives, reduce consumption, live more responsibly and consciously, surrounded only by quality and sincerely like things that are used and not dull in the corner. The minimalist way of life is attractive in that everyone can adapt it to their needs - one might just need to tidy up the house to get rid of unnecessary things, and someone will be interested. will even try the capsule wardrobe. Just think of all the advantages of a minimalist wardrobe:

Fewer solutions

The more decisions you need to make, the lower their quality. For example, this view is shared by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. For people who make important decisions every day at work, eliminating this morning puzzle of "what to wear" gives more time and space for other thoughts in mind.

Less time wasted

We can’t even imagine how long it takes to choose clothes before we give it up. Five years ago, the 333 experiment was performed: people had to wear only 33 clothes for 3 months. Participants in the study confirmed that it became easier for them in the morning, they prepared for work faster and had more free time.

Less stress

As New York art director Matilda Kahl (who practices capsule wardrobe dressing) notes, she is less worried about her outfit. It doesn't bother me anymore: isn't it too formal? Isn’t it too open? "I almost always began to regret what I was wearing while already standing at the subway platform," she says. But now wearing white silk shirts and black pants, she has at least one point less to survive.

Less energy consumption

This principle is followed by the famous British director Christopher Nolan. He says that a lot of energy needs to be devoted not only to the creation of the wardrobe, but also to its further maintenance, maintenance, washing, putting on clothes and so on. Successful people would like to use as little energy as possible for these jobs.

Less but better quality

Often a large closet doesn’t mean you wear everything in it. "In the past, my closet was like a pastry shop with an inexhaustible, large selection," shares one young mother. - I didn't like most of my clothes, I felt uncomfortable wearing them. Now my capsule wardrobe is like an elite restaurant. I have less choice, but I’m sure each one is ideal. Not only do I look better, I feel better. "

Cult status

Writer Alice Gregory emphasizes, “Wearing the same thing every day is a cult. It’s a cheap and easy way to feel like a celebrity. One and the same suit reflects your maturity, stability, unchanging values. That's why children's book heroes wear the same thing - they're a great example of copying because they're reliable and unchanging. "

Less cost 

Let’s face it: there are a lot of things in our closets that we don’t even wear. And now calculate how much money is wasted!

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