6 Myths you Need to Know About Custom Software Development

Posted by Open Space on December 15th, 2020

The word custom software always seems to have certain preconceived notions associated with it. On the contrary, the reality is that it is a fantastic way to rewire your business that suits best to your interest. There is so much more a business can achieve through custom software development.

Below are some myths that have been debunked to appreciate the overall benefits of deploying a custom solution-

  1. Custom Software's Are Expensive

No doubt that custom software development services can be a bit pricey initially, however not to forget the business that they get in. Your business will grow multifold, and you will be able to recover the cost you paid in making a customized software. Also, it can be developed to exact specifications within a reasonable budget, making it cost-effective. You can also start small with minimum features and built up more features as the business grows.

  1. Custom Solutions Don't Work

If you are someone who has heard that custom solutions don't work or have experienced it, then you met a wrong Custom Software Solution. A software that can neither increase efficiency nor solve the specific problem you were facing is of no use. Hence, finding the right custom software development service is very crucial for something that you are paying big. Some software companies don't understand the needs of the business that requires a custom solution so; it's better to hire a web developer in India that gives a brief after you have put your objective across. This way, you know whether if they have understood or not. It will dictate to sign them for the project or look for some other company.

  1. Custom Application takes way too long to develop.


Usually, people avoid Full Stack Development Services due to its development time. Why will you wait so long for a custom solution to develop? The answer is simple if you need an excellent business custom application, then you have to wait. Either way, you can also find a software development company that works with iterative development. Iterative development is a development that deploys pieces of your project in multiple pieces, and you can test them and provide feedback to the team. Such a method is sooner as some parts of the software are implemented immediately. Not to forget, the process of implementation also depends on the size and span of the project. To make sure it's faster and smoother, you should choose a custom software development service that presents you with a plan for your software deployment.

  1. Difficult to Upgrade


The truth is, custom software is not difficult to upgrade. The myth comes from bad experiences with software development companies who customize software that wasn't meant to be customized in the way it was supposed to be. Hence, choose a good custom software development service.

  1. It's good if it looks good


Great looking software with poor functionality is a big no-no. In the end, it's all about making the smallest parts of a software functional. While developing software, make sure that your visually appealing software also works perfectly well.

  1. You need to employ full-time developers in your company

While some might believe that having full-time developers are better, it's mostly impractical. It doesn't guarantee quality. Recruiting, managing, and running a development team requires a different skill set.

On the contrary, many companies have discovered that quality is increased while working with an offshore Full Stack Web Development Company in India. Having professional help beyond your staff helps you steer the project in a better direction.

Bottom Line

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