Common signs of a bad catalytic converter

Posted by JulyRed on May 9th, 2014

Catalytic converters are auto parts that filter the exhaust and help reduce the emission of pollutant. These simple, but important devices can convert harmful gases into less harmful substances and successfully protect the environment for many years. But just like any other car parts, these units can wear out or breakdown. Car owners must pay special attention to their cats; a bad catalytic converter can cause many issues, from power loss to no power at all. Read more to learn how to prevent catalytic converter problems, but also how to make money from old and broken converters.

The most common reasons for catalytic converter failure include excess fuel entering exhaust, deteriorated spark plugs, broken hangers and more. When a catalytic converter is malfunctioning, whether it has become clogged or poisoned, it must be removed and replaced. How long a catalytic converter can last depends on proper care of their vehicles, if they keep their engines well services and test the exhaust systems for blockages on a regular basis, they can successfully avoid most catalytic converter problems.

When the damage is already done, when the cats have already failed, it’s better to call the experts and have a repair shop remove their converters. No matter what type or model of cat they have, they can all sell their catalytic converters to scrap metal dealers. More and more people recycle their damaged converters for cash; these units contain varying amounts of precious rare metals, platinum, palladium and rhodium. The top companies in the scrap recycling industry can be found online; with a click of a button and a quick search anyone can check their services, their price lists or their client testimonials.

Prices for a bad catalytic converter can go from 10 dollars to 200 dollars or more, depending on its size, shape, age and model.  Those who are interested in recycling their olds cats are advised to look online for more information. The Internet provides them access to valuable resources, websites, blogs, articles are out there offering answers to all their questions. They can contact the leading scrap metal recycling businesses, get a few price quotes or explore their options in no time and from the comfort of their home.

You don’t have to drive through the whole town searching for a scrap yard to make sure that you will receive the best value for your scrap converter, all that you need is internet connection. Use the power of the World Wide Web to save precious time and energy, to find answers to your questions, to learn how to prevent the failure of your system or where to sell your broken converter. Send a picture of your cat to the leading online recycling centers, find out how much is worth in scrap and ship your converter to the most reliable company.

Visit our website, ask for a quote and sell your bad catalytic converter for real cash. Forget about catalytic converter problems and make some money for a brand new device!

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