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Posted by GeorgeVelvet on May 9th, 2014

Driving under influence is one of the worst crimes that one can commit. When you drink and drive, you not just jeopardize your safety, but also the safety of others on the roads. However, drunk driving is a charge that is slapped too often and stiff penalties are imposed when you are not really at fault. This is when you require someone to fight for you. Carl David Ceder is that man. Carl Ceder is an established attorney in the Dallas – Fort Worth area and his experience in the trial courts makes him your best bet to fight the charges against you.

The number of DUI cases in the US has come down in the past few years, but the numbers are still alarmingly high. The problem is not with people like you who are responsible. You will find people declining to drink more than a beer because they need to drive back home. The problem is with those people that have a drink too many and then decide to drive. They are the real culprits because of which innocent drivers pay penalties. Imagine driving after a beer and getting rammed by someone high on booze. The cops will run a breathalyzer on both of you and you could be in some real soup. But, not really when you have Carl David Ceder representing you.

Unlike other cases, most of the DUI cases go to court and this is where the expertise of an attorney matters a lot. Carl Ceder is an aggressive fighter in court. He doesn’t give an inch nor does he expect one. His aggression comes from his preparation for any trial – he is meticulous about this aspect. He goes to the depth of each and every case and ensures that he has enough ammunition with him to fight on your behalf.

In DUI cases, the state has to prove beyond doubt that you were incapable of driving when you were driving. And this is where many cases are ruled in favor of the defendant. But proving your case against the state is not the easiest job to do. If your lawyer is not good enough, you could just get a raw deal and this would mean paying stiff penalties. From monetary fines to jail term to license suspension – the worst things can happen to you. Thus, you shouldn’t take any chances. Carl Ceder is an attorney who knows how to deal with even the worst DUI cases. In your case, he should find it rather easy to defend you.

Carl David Ceder is not a DUI attorney; it is one of his specialties. He also deals in other aspects of law. What is great about Carl Ceder is that he relishes a fight in court. But he is not averse to out of court settlement when it’s in your favor. This easily tells you that he is an attorney with conscience. His job is to keep your interest at the forefront and he excels in doing this.

If you have been charged for DUI, Carl David Ceder could be your knight in shining armor. Carl Ceder is an experienced trial attorney who can come out grinning from even the most impossible cases.

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