How to turn a bad catalytic converter into cash

Posted by JulyRed on May 10th, 2014

Used auto parts can bring a lot of money, catalytic converters contain varying amounts of precious metals and that’s what makes these units valuable for recycling. Defective, clogged or old catalytic converters must be removed and replaced, but people should remember that a bad catalytic converter can put extra cash in their pockets. They can find out how much is a catalytic converter worth in scrap from the web, there are a number of dealers and companies online that buy faulty cat cons for recycling.

Most car owners know that catalytic converters improve the performance of their vehicles and help reduce emissions, but they don’t know that a small treasure is hidden inside each and every cat out there. These vehicle emissions control devices are made of rare and expensive precious metals, platinum, palladium and rhodium. Although a unit can contain only a small amount of these metals, it can be worth anything from 10 or 20 dollars to 200 dollars or more. There are different types of catalytic converters, but no matter the model, shape or size of their converter, the device can most probably be recycled.

People should have an authorized technician check their systems at the first signs of trouble. A simple issue can easily turn into a serious problem, proper care and maintenance of their car is essential to avoid dangerous situations and keep their vehicles on the road. When the damage is already done and their cats stop working, all they can do is find out how much is a catalytic converter worth… in scrap. The precious metals inside the device can be recycled and reused, PGM have many practical uses, these metals can be found not only in automobiles, but in computers, mobile phones or jewelry.

Scrap metal recycling businesses promote their services and work on the web, on their own online platforms. Nowadays people don’t have to search for local scrap yards to turn their bad catalytic converter into cash; they can find a trustworthy catalytic converter recycling partner on the internet and ship directly to the company. When the cat con arrives at their location, the payment is sent and the money is transferred into their accounts.

More and more people prefer this selling option; it is a very simple process. They can receive the best value for their scrap converter but also the best customer service. They don’t have to bring their bad catalytic converter to a specialist to find out how much is worth, they can simply fill out a form, send an email or call ahead for an estimated price. If they take their time to shop around and do their homework, they have all the right chances to find the top companies that offer the highest prices for scrap cats.

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