Seal combustion chamber with rope seals and retardant glass

Posted by adairsawyer on May 10th, 2014

Have you ever considered the inside of your stove? You will find that most of the standard stoves have more or less consistent layouts and the component parts are also more or less the same. Of course, the sizes and shapes of the components differ depending on the sizes and types of stoves one uses. Two components, rope seals and retardant glass, are very important from the perspective of functionality and security of your home and hence, you should continue inspecting them from time to time.

Without rope seals no stove would function optimally. The modern stoves have closed combustion chambers so that more heat can be produced using less fuel. This is important keeping in mind the growing shortage of fuel and the rising prices of fuel. With seal ropes optimal sealing of the chamber can be done. When the chamber is sealed less heat is lost due to convection and more heat is generated. Whether the stove is used for cooking, boiling or heating, the result is much better when the chamber is sealed.

Any modern stove has retardant glass door. The glass is used from a very functional perspective because it can withstand very high temperature that is generated inside the combustion chamber of the stove. Ordinary glass wouldn't be able to withstand such high temperature and within days it will crack and may just break into shards.

Needless to say these two important components, rope seals and retardant glass need to be properly maintained.

The rope seals are usually made of ceramic and hence they can go on performing for quite a long time. However, even the sturdiest rope seal is bound to go brittle due to constant exposure to high temperature. To check whether the rope is in optimal condition you can use a piece of paper. Insert the paper between the rope and the door and close the door. Now try pulling the paper out. If you find difficulty in this you know that seal is intact. If the paper comes out easily you would want to change the seal. When the sealing is not optimal you will also see a change in the fire pattern and the walls of the stove may show some tarring too.

The retardant glass should be properly cleaned after every use of the stove. You can use a clean cloth for this job and use some recommended detergent too. Just ensure that you do the cleaning when the glass has cooled down. Otherwise you will end up scalding your hand. Inspect the glass for any visible cracks. Cracks will appear with wear and tear and you should change the retardant glass the moment you see them.

You can buy rope seals and retardant glass online. If you know the make and model you can buy from the catalogue or otherwise you can use the search function of the online store. You can get these stuffs delivered to you. As far as installing is concerned you can do it yourself or take expert help.

An airtight combustion chamber can only be created when you use rope seals and retardant glass.

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