Six details of the layout of cosmetic display cabinet

Posted by sere on December 16th, 2020

1. Master what needs to be displayed on the cosmetics showcase, including the price of the product, item number, brand, place of origin, etc., should be complete and true, which is conducive to consumers to better grasp the cosmetics

2.The design of the cosmetic display cabinet only has a reasonable layout: According to consumers' psychological requirements and demand habits, cosmetics showcases of the same variety or series should be displayed in the same area.

3. In order to attract consumers and facilitate their visit and selection, retail stores should flexibly choose the display position, display space, display position, stacking method, etc. of cosmetics according to the characteristics of cosmetics, so that customers can see at a glance.

4.The placement and stability of the cosmetic display cabinet: Since it is in direct contact with consumers, the first consideration is human beauty. This is the key to considering the location and placement of the showcase design itself and its stability. Only these Only when it is in place can it convey the concept that the brand wants to convey.

5. The design of cosmetic display cabinet needs to consider the brand, the store where the product is sold, and the location of the product, the method of series matching, the style of the counter and other tips can be unique among many brands.

6.Detail processing. Cosmetic display cabinet serves the shops, so the importance of cosmetics showcases not only shows, but also comes from the convenience of employees. Make it more convenient for employees at work. All of these should be considered.

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