Further education (FE) lecturers teach students over the age of 16

Posted by James Crown on December 16th, 2020

Further education lecturers are in charge of teaching the apprentices or students about courses related to work and academics. FE is a type of lecturer jobs in the UK which is drastically increasing in demand. As a further education teacher, you are in charge of various kinds of subjects in a single central area out of three:

Vocational Training: Helping students prepare for work and ensuring that they acquire all the latest skills. 

Academic Teaching: Guiding the students to be able to crack exams like A-level and GCSE.

Maths and English: Coaching the student's abilities related to several aspects like ESOL, numeracy, and literacy.

As a FE teacher, you are also in charge of instructing students about recreational courses that support personal benefits, like watercolors or local history. 

However, you are responsible for working primarily with students over the age of 16 years, you are highly expected to tutor students around 19 years of age and have taken of vocational subjects. In such circumstances, you will be known as a trainer. 

The settings noted below is where work can take place, such as:

· Colleges

· Universities

· Specialist FE College

· Adult institution centres 

· Responsibilities 

· Voluntary Industries

Based on the working environment, you will need to:

· Prepare and strategize lessons

· Track, evaluate, and mark the work of the students

· Manage precise records and track the growth of the students

· Tutor throughout a variety of qualification categories and phases, in both evening or day courses or open workshops

· Research and create new chapters, courses and tutoring resources such as online materials 

· Strategize extra support for students

· Interview potential students

· Stay up-to-date with it and execute college procedure


The median salary of a further education teacher is around ,758 to ,325.

Primarily the income at a higher level of teachings and tutoring is around ,258 to ,928. Whereas the income for management and guidance positions can exponentially increase, it can grow up to ,000 for the advanced senior roles.

The above income ranges are suggested by the Association of Colleges® for England. Besides, the UCU web page contains all the data related to the salary rates in Northern Ireland and Wales. The EIS web page includes the details related to the income rates in Scotland. However, these rates might differ based on several other factors in many situations.

The majority of the further education teachers take up part-time or based on sessions through a few agencies. The salary received by the teachers in part-time is around for each hour, sometimes it can also exceed over . 

Also, the income rates outside of the colleges of FE might differ. Since salaries normally vary based on the organizational and teaching experience, the demand of subjects, qualifications, working environment, and geographical location. 

Working Time Period

Mostly the working hours for a permanent FE teacher is around 35 hours every week, adding up a few evening classes a few times a week. There are numerous job chances available for the aspirants in this field. It is one of the most famous lecturer jobs in the UK. Several towns across the UK offer a vast amount of opportunities for individuals pursuing a career in FE. 


Hence, FE teachers are currently growing drastically over the years. Besides, most of the FE teachers do not work as a permanent worker instead as part-time and based on sessions. They also improve their salaries through evening classes, residential courses, private tuitions, and so on. 

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