Picking the right fume hood

Posted by DulceLienau on December 16th, 2020

Getting the perfect fume hood for lab seems to be overwhelming. It is necessary to get the right model in order to keep the area free from dangerous chemicals and vapors.  Fume hood is used for the ultimate purpose of safety. It prevents inhalation of dangerous chemicals and vapors. Fume hood is basically a closed-off area where employees deal with harmful substances.

 Features of fume hood

It has a ventilation and exhaust system that takes out the fumes. Improper ventilation will keep the fume in the area and the employees might inhale them. This will enter their bloodstream and cause serious medical issues. This is where fumehood comes at the rescue – it prevents harmful incidents from occurring. It uses an effective exhaust system to eliminate the chemicals from the lab.

Most Low hood models have clear sliding window that is used as a barrier between the employees and the material. If any accident or spill happens, the exposure does not cause any injury to the employee. If they wear basic protective equipments, they will be protected from any kind of skin absorption of the substance. Fume hood designs are available in a wide variety for various operations.

Before choosing a particular design for the fume hood, you should consider certain elements.

Type of work you are doing

Check the chemicals that you will use and also their concentrations. Consider whether you will use the chemicals individually or in a mixture. Some chemicals need special filtration. Now, check the evaporation rate of the chemicals as solvents evaporate at various rates. If you don’t establish this beforehand, you may end up overwhelming your fume hood. Chemicals can evaporate quickly for the hood to ventilate and this can lead to vapors backing up and seeping into the laboratory. With the right hood, you can facilitate ventilation of right chemical solvents.

Size of fume hood

When it comes to deciding the right size of the hood, you have to consider certain significant elements. If you are planning to install equipment inside the hold, you have to first measure the equipment size and if it of considerable size, choosing a walk-in hood would be the right option. Also, check the number of people that will be working with the hood. Ensure the hood has ample height clearance.

Installation and operating costs

Lab equipments are naturally costly to install and to operate when compare to other equipments. Some hood needs special installation and maintenance that others don’t. So, keep these elements in mind when you are looking for the right fume hood for your lab. It is wise to establish costs with your supplier beforehand. You can establish costs such as installation, replacement, potential accessories, etc. so that you can easily decide which lowhood is best for your lab.  

Choose a reputed and reliable supplier for the best quality fume hood for your lab. Consider client reviews and testimonials before finalizing on a supplier. This will help you pick the most reliable supplier for good quality fume hood.

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