Reasons Why Commercial Landscaping Is Important For Building Safety

Posted by Michael Griffin on December 16th, 2020

Well-managed landscaping makes a property look attractive and it also increases safety and security. If you are a commercial property owner, then maintaining safety in the workplace becomes your primary concern, and commercial landscaping in Denver can help you achieve that.

Whether you want to increase the safety of the people working inside the building, prevent miscreants from trespassing inside your commercial property, or improve the overall security, here are some landscaping tips that will help you improve the safety.

Keep The Bushes Manicured

Your landscaping is the first thing anyone notices about your commercial space and not keeping it in a well-maintained condition can give the wrong impression. A well-maintained property will give people the idea that you care for your property and miscreants will most likely stay away from such properties as they will assume that your security is stronger. An unattended landscape gives the idea that you do not care about your property much and thus vandals and other criminals might make your workplace a target. Also, overgrowth in the trees and bushes make for good hiding spots for criminals and block the line of security cams. Thus you must trim the bushes and trees from time to time so that your commercial property should reflect your concern for your business.

Makes Acess Easy

Maintaining the landscape of your office building allows ease in the flow of foot traffic. Expert landscape designers know all the rules and regulations of both public and private landscape design and knowing the distinction allows them to create spaces that are more safe and secure. Various structural elements of the landscapes are arranged in a way that allows for limited access and creates a sense that approaching these private areas with the wrong intention may pose some kind of risk. As such, criminals and miscreants mostly stay out of such zones. For example, using spikes on the wall or thorny bushes in the fences will make it difficult for any miscreant to get in or escape from your property and this will prevent them from venturing inside.

Clearly Defined Entrance And Exits

When you hire an expert landscape designer to maintain or design your commercial property, they will make sure that the entrances and exits are clearly defined. This helps the flow of traffic and also prevents any risk of accidents. This is especially necessary for parking spaces. Marking the entrance and exits clearly, as well as parking lot striping in Denver is essential to maintain the safety of both the pedestrian and the vehicle owner.

Improve The Lighting

A well-lit property is always safer and secure than a poorly lit one. This is because an illuminated area poses more risk for a vandal or a criminal to be caught and as such, they naturally stay away from well-illuminated properties. Landscape lighting is extra important for commercial properties, as it improves the safety of both the employees as well as the visitors. High powered, minimalistic lighting improves both the curb appeal as well as serves the safety purpose adequately.

Reduces Fire Accidents

A well-designed landscape prevents any major accidents from happening. If your landscape is not properly maintained, sometimes a tree branch can interfere with utility lines and it may lead to an electric fire. Maintaining the landscape from time to prevents any such happenings. Also, a properly maintained yard makes it very easy for people to evacuate the building in times of emergency.

Improve The Drainage

When there is a shower it is natural for the lawn to absorb runoff water but when there is heavy rain or storm, it can create water logging in the yard and cause problems and even hazards to the people frequenting the office. Muddy can cause people and vehicles to slip on their tracks. To prevent such things from happening, work with your landscape contractor to create better drainage and runoff paths that prevent mishaps and water damage.

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