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How six sigma requirements help Achieve Continuous Improvement?

Posted by sharonevans on May 11th, 2014

The focus of six sigma certification requirements is to achieve continuous improvement in business processes. The Sigma is a component in statistics used for the identification of variation. Organizations that implement Six Sigma want to minimize variations in processes and results that could lead to inefficiency and waste. If an organization operates at 3 Sigma, it will be producing more than 66,800 defect per million opportunities. On the other hand, if it achieves 6 six sigma requirements, it will be operating at 3.4 defect a million opportunities.

The most successful organizations in the world use 6 Sigma. Some of the organizations have used the tools and techniques for achieving 10 times improvement in their quality, services and costs within a few years. One of the main six sigma requirements is that the organization is structured in a way to achieve continual improvement. Lean 6 Sigma is focused on inventory and speed. Many organizations use lean manufacturing concept in 6-sigma that is focused on the sources of waste such as inventory, transportation, movement, over processing, defects, over production and work in progress.

Lean six sigma certification requirements seek improvements through the reduction of waste using 5 steps – identification of customer value, charting the value stream, creation of flow, pursuing perfection, and pulling according to demand. Lean focuses on analyzing the root cause, and 6 Sigma requires the features of simplicity, waste reduction and speed from Lean. When combined together, they form a perpetual improvement method.

Lean six sigma requirements involve a distinct analytical business process that allows organizations to dramatically improve their profitability through the monitoring and creation of everyday business functions in ways that reduce resources and waste. There are many key areas that need to be addressed for a lean 6 sigma programme to be effectively implemented.

There are many factors that contribute to the success of six sigma certification requirements. The most important factor that drives 6 Sigma in organizations is the commitment of the leadership. Senior management should set the priorities, facilitate resources, eliminate barriers and show commitment to the improvement of profitability for the successful implementation of 6 Sigma.

The next important six sigma requirements are focused resources. Organizations need to employ well trained and certified Black Belt, Green Belt and Champions at important positions for the application of 6 Sigma tools and techniques. Then there needs to be a disciplined approach to project.  It is required that regular project reviews are performed across all levels ranging from senior management to project heads.

Everyone benefits from six sigma certification requirements fulfilled by an organization and its staff. Customers benefit in the form of the value they receive from the organization. Employees benefit in the form of the new and better skills they learn that help them improve their performance. This further helps them to grow and prosper. The other stakeholders who benefit from the implementation of 6 sigma in an organization are the stockholders and suppliers. Lean 6 Sigma has come to become an effective way for organizations and professionals to improve their prospects and eliminate waste.

Do you want to meet the six sigma certification requirements and become a Belt holder? Visit this website to learn about the six sigma requirements.

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