Hajj and Umrah Safety Tips

Posted by Abdul Maaz on December 16th, 2020

Muslims perform Hajj only once in a year. It is performed during specific days of the Islamic last month “Dhu al Hajjah”. And on other hand thousands of Muslims perform Umrah whenever they want. Every Muslims desires to get close to Allah Almighty and His beloved Prophet. So Muslims try their best to go to the house of Allah and perform the major or minor pilgrimages named as Hajj and Umrah respectively. Muslims of UK book Cheap Umrah packages by Umrah Experts because it offers best packages.

A large number of people visit sacred places of the world like Makkah, Madinah, Kabah, Masjid-e-Nabvi, cave of Hira etc. These places become crowded due to a large no of people. They come here to make Allah happy and they also want the forgiveness of all of their past sins from Allah.

World’s largest gathering:

To perform Hajj Muslims from all the world belonging to different casts, speaking different languages and having different customs gather on a single place. It is a way to create brotherhood and love among them. It is the largest gathering of the world. Gathering like this cannot be found anywhere in this world. So Kabah (the house of Allah) becomes crowded. In this crowd it becomes very important to take care of yourself and your health. Many severe injuries and deaths may happen in this place.

Tips to remain safe:

Everyone is responsible for his health himself. To take care of health is important. If someone does not take care of his health he may be at risk. Saudi government has also made some policies in order to make people safe. All the Muslims are vaccinated against the diseases and infections before starting their journey for Hajj or Umrah. It is beneficial for all the Muslims. It saves those who are sick and also saves those who don’t have diseases. Therefore Muslims should be vaccinated before starting their journey.

Things to take with you:

Those who are patients like of sugar, blood and diabetes should take their medicines with them in order to keep them safe. In any kind of emergency these medicines can be used. The patients of asthma should take inhalers with them. Inhaler can be required at any time by an asthmatic patient. Insulin should be with the sugar patient. In case of any severe conditions patients should concern with the doctors that are present in nearby areas in Makkah and in Madinah.

How to stay safe in hot temperature:

Usually Hajj is performed in summer and Saudi Arabia is a deserted and hot country. In addition gathering of people makes it uncomfortable to live. So everyone has to take some safety measures. Everyone should avoid eating foods that are prepared from long time and should not eat hot meals. Not drinking water or drinking less water becomes more harmful. In those hot areas maximum quantity of water should be drunk. Stay most of the time in shady places while travelling. Don’t harm one another and remain alert from the push of other people. If you follow all these safety measures you will remain safe and others will also remain safe from you. Hope all the readers will act upon the safety tips.

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